Tascam DP-02CF
Tascam DP-02CF

DP-02CF, Digital Multrack-studio from Tascam.

Somadlatéci 06/16/2013

Tascam DP-02CF : Somadlatéci's user review

«  Convenient for me, but limited. »

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Digital connectivity.

8 tracks, the two inputs.

Possibility of transferring the mastering of several tracks into one, which can potentially greatly increase the number of real track.

Storage Compact Flash card.

Details are here: http://tascam.com/product/dp-02cf/


Easy to use although the manual is needed quickly.
Fortunately, the manual is very clear and allows you to navigate between functions.
The menu tree is special, you should know what to do instead of searching menus.


The sound is clean.

There is no effect. May be added but must necessarily pass through a single stereo jack.

Nothing to say about the dynamic, well I think.


I've had five years.

It is simple and allows me to record my pieces.

It has a small problem with sensitivity buttons, sometimes you have to press down. He sometimes block completely, but it happened to me twice in 5 years.

I have not tried it before you buy it, just read the reviews of this forum and others.

I got it for 355 euros with some low-end equipment available, and I think another type ministudio either would have cost too much, or I would have lost in unnecessary functions for me.

With experience, I do not know, I might have opted for computer recording via an external sound card.