Tascam DP-02CF
Tascam DP-02CF

DP-02CF, Digital Multrack-studio from Tascam.

maximhouse 04/10/2008

Tascam DP-02CF : maximhouse's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
A view on the site.


Operation is very simple! One branch and recorded. Just assign the entry to one of the 8 available tracks. (Keep in Stereo first for the final mix). I'm sorry the only entrance for a microphone. Otherwise, the menus are easily accessible, just an hour to learn to use it. Count a little more for the functions of Cut, Loop, ...
The manual is quite clear though often lacking information because els are either nonexistent or poorly explained. Thank God for internet and forums = P


Very good sound, clean, without breath, ...
I use a microphone Apex 135 and I am very happy with the sound coming out of the Tascam.
it's not professional models but to make it widely, more than enough.
The effects on the DP02 CF, there is not necessary to add a small multi-purpose.
I think the dynamics are respected! Really happy with the sound for the price of the recorder!


I use it for 4 months and I am satisfied! No problem with the moment except that I toasted my card!
What I like most is the ease of recording.
What I like least is the "difficulty" of export of computer. You can not use it while it is connected to the computer and the time of conversion. WAV is a bit long but nothing to worry about. Must find fault =).
I use Cubase because in addition to the tracks are mostly inadequate.
Very good quality / price ratio.
If it again I think I buy the same. Perhaps a recorder with more tracks like the Korg D3200 (not the same price as S =)