Tascam DP-02CF
Tascam DP-02CF

DP-02CF, Digital Multrack-studio from Tascam.

ericthegreat 11/02/2011

Tascam DP-02CF : ericthegreat's user review

« Better than other models »

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The Tascam DP 02CF is really great and easy to use with a great price. Only thing you will have to get is a larger CF card if you want to record more than one song. For me the best thing about this recorder is that you can be up and recording in a matter of seconds. I used a computer interface for awhile but it just took too long. Not great for a band, unless you have a mixer, since the recorder only has two inputs. After you are done recording all you do is transfer your work over to your computer and edit and burn a CD. Only down side is there are no on-board effects or reverb but you can only get so much for such a low price.


The Tascam DP 02f system has a great sound. I run all my guitars, acoustic and electric, through my half stack head and straight to the recorder. It gets a really nice sound to it. My electronic drums record very well too. One thing that I had to figure out was that after recording, realizing i don’t like the track, re-doing it and recording again. the system saves each recording so u can go back and pick it if you decide u liked it. so when you're done recording, you must delete the history or it will take up a lot of memory


Sounds Great


If you are looking for a quick, easy, and cheap way to record your music, at CD quality, fast then check out this unit .It's a great machine, and eight tracks gives me more than enough to lay down two or three voices and still have room for five instruments. The downside or thing that I dislike about the Tascam DP 02cf is that the navigation is difficult sometimes, because you will have to hold 1 button to get to a certain screen and hit another one at the same time. I just feel like that is too much for a little screen like this.