philrud 11/25/2012

Tascam DP-03 : philrud's user review

«  Simple and complex at the same time. »

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Connection: by afien earlier. 2 tracks can be recorded at the same time while reading those just register and start up to 8 tracks (64 tracks Virtual possible) in a very simple.c is wav 44.1khz and 16 in bits.Stockage on mini SD or SDHC card (32GB max) and rec CD.Communication on the pc usb.Pas noon.
2 microphone inputs (with or without phantom power supply), 2 guitars (high Z), 2 lines, all on only 2 inputs 2 XLR and 2 jacks. But it should connect only 2 inputs at a time.


Is the study spécial.Je just 92 pages of instructions: it is both very simple to register, but it can be more complex when navigating in menus.Ce there are great here is that pressing a key physical property control screen automatically: no need to navigate menus, sub-menus to make things simple.
EXAMPLE: For me I save pressing the physical "assign" and press the physical "rec" (it flashes) of the desired channel (ex: track 2, guitar) and the screen goes all on the right page alone it is level settings (etc) key is pressed physical "home" (we return to the home screen). was press the button again "rec" channel 2: she is ready to be recorded (flashes) and then we build on two physical keys "rec + play" and it's gone, it records while reading the path that one is saved., and press "rec" Track 2 passes solid red (record).

I summarizes this manip ', pressing the keys: assign / rec / home / rec / rec + play.

There is also a mute per input channel. Was based on "mute" and "rec" the way.
For settings réverbes'il must first program in the menu (5 or 6 types are provided). Settings for EQ, it's a treble to bass freq. variable bass goes 32Hz to 1.6kHz and acute 1.7khz à18khz (+ / - 12dB). This is assignable EQ per input channel, but at the end of the master. It is as if we then had a total of 4 bands, simply shift the freq. for the master.

There are 9 presets for comp 'multiband (bands: bass treble-med) assignable to mastering (basic/pop/pop-rock1/pop-rock2/rock1/rock2/dance/hip-hop/classic). Ago 4 pre-settings comp 'monobande.On can do bounce (postponement of track). If you make a mistake, you can go back and find what we wanted: a support touche.Les tracks are numbered in the Memory menu, eg "trk 0001", "trk 0002" ...

You can change the settings (eg bass / TREB / reverb / comp ') entries to the registry, but not read once it is stored.
You can adjust the bass / TREB / reverb '/ street level just before recording.
Can make normalisation.On can record the CD master CD-R or CD-RW.On can erase (format) the SD card and if it is full, the system overwrites what is older. You can make loops (over 4 seconds).
There is no rhythm intégrées.Si we were wrong on a party of record (eg, from 1'21 "to 1'53"), you can just fix and re-record this part there. so it is a marker of the beginning and end of the song (in / out) to make: you can then remove some noise intro / end.
You can put a double pedal switch for démmarrer the record / stop distance (eg while playing guitar or keyboard). Headset volume front: very good.
There is a alim'phantôme for external microphones.


Nominal Output Level:-10dB Max: 6 dB.Faudra not too push it into the red ...
Max Input Level Online: 24 dB, this is very good.
Impedances Mic: 2.4 kohms; online: supperior to 10kohms, guitar: 1 Mgohms.
Dimensions: 29 x 5.4 x 21 cm.
Noise mic or line output: 90dB or less is very bien.Disto ': 0.01%.
Bandwidth: 20Hz to 20kHz at 1-3 dB mic and line.


So I have not yet purchased. I will fill the rest if I décide.Pour now I am studying various digital recorders and software and compare facilities and complexities of handling each other.

What I like here is the easy to save and assign pathways: Easy.
It is true that to adjust the sound, go into the menu, but once you set the sound of his instrument and his voice is no longer in principle to return.

Cons: small screen, small buttons, manipes not to not to lose time data, you must navigate through the menus a bit to master, export, etc. .. It is just too complicated malgrés , you just need to remember ... Nothing too serious, that the memory does not lose.