rent 10/13/2011

Tascam DP-03 : rent's user review

«  pleasantly surprised »

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Digital 8-track Portastudio with CD / DVD
- Recording / Playback PCM 44.1 kHz/16 bit hard SD / SDHC
- Simultaneous recording of two tracks
- Simultaneous playback of eight tracks
- Dedicated stereo track for mixing
- Stereo condenser microphone built
- Two XLR mic inputs with phantom power
- Two TRS line inputs, one switchable to high impedance guitar input
- Line output on RCA connectors
- Headphone output with volume control
- EQ bass / treble type Shelve per track and the two input
- Reverb built-in rich mixes
* Effects of integrated mastering
* Auto Punch In / Out (input / output automatic recording)
* Title Track Bounce (bounce)
* Editing Tools workstation style: copying, moving, cutting, etc..
* Undo History at several levels (Undo / Redo)
* Memory locations (Locators)
* Integrated Tuner and Metronome
* CD / DVD included
* USB 2.0
* 9 faders, 45 mm
* Choice of operation of the pedal Footswitch


Getting started with 1 hour for beginners, 10 minutes for multi regulars.

The wheel "data" expedite all manipulations performed.

The settings of the tracks are clear.

In short, set out for an explanation of the menu screen digital and cutting the tracks, multitrack does not need manual.


My fear when I bought it is that it distorts the sound worked extensively prior to or worse than it generates breath.

With a MPC 5000, electric guitar and saxophone, I was amazed at first use, or any loss or distortion on the breath sounds.

As for the effects, a sound engineer would have quickly made the rounds, an EQ and reverb.
For myself I ask no more, the effects work on other bikes, so perfect for me


At this price, it's really a multi-interesting.

If I had to find weak points:

- Lack of connectors: 2 XLRs, 2 jacks for inputs is a bit lighter.
a S / PDIF or RCA would was welcome, but with a hand mixer is easy to forget these details.

- Too bad that did not come out a Tascam 16-track version.

The highlights:

- Ease of use.
- No loss or distortion of sound.
- Its size, it is really compact, nothing to do with the large multi-functionality at no interest. Very convenient for transportation.
- The left and right microphones in front, to help out.
- The appearance, we feel that Tascam has not screwed up, it's really beautiful, black and gray on the front. Buttons and faders are still robust.
- The USB, multitrack do not have much effect, it's nice to be able to export and import the tracks to rework.
- The entry phamtom for condenser microphones.
- CD player and recorder on the front right.
- The SD card reader, (again, before purchase I was afraid of not having enough space for storing, but the SD card today beautiful building)

Nikel short for my use.