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ivory 01/06/2005

Yamaha AW16G : ivory's user review


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All told adj g t believe ...
But just in case obr /> 16pistes-Recorder (8 maximum simultaneous recording)
- "Mini" sampler Intgr VERY practice
-2 XLR (microphone statik) powered fantme
-1 Between specially high impdance (guitar lectrik)
Writer-CDR / RW (MANDATORY) to burn your musik, make backups, import & export WAV
-EQ totally paramtrique (HIGH, HIGH MID, LOW MID, LOW) for Chak track
Dynamik-processing (compressor, etc.). Chake to track
Multi-purpose Intgr


It has been said and t rptla grip is not empty at all (PROFESSIONAL audio workstation ...) for the same ki has a habit of multitrack hardware!
4 beginners in my tracks K7 (TASCAM porta02), then used the TASCAM 464 g to finally go to the BOSS BR8 numrik (as the name indika, 8pistes ...) but g Mylen all had a little trouble before tame bte ...
APRS lot of sleepless nights, have finally begun g RFLEX AW16G!
Ke so far, g navigate the menus, submenus, the speed of ... Lumire (well Preska ...)!!
Frankly, this machine is very intuitive!
C a real rgal manipulate the buttons, keys and other potentiomtres ki rpondent in kart ride!
The faders are enjoyable to touch and prcis trs.
The sampler is both very easy to use and full trs (edition graphik waveform, loop points prcis, etc.)..
Ldition track has all the manipulations ncessaires: copy, paste, dplacer, delete, name ...


The converters are trs good, if it does not sound good, c is certainly not the fault of the AW16G!
The effects can be used if one knows how to use!
The DynaMike is beautiful and well l! (surprising as it can boost a bass drum for example, correcting a little excessive variations taken voice ...)
The legalization paramtrike allows insrer Chake instrument in the mix and it just k'on know, your exact is bluffing!


What more if ke YAMAHA couraging with this machine rve the many home-studio owners looking for an all-in-one Reduces budget and without compromise?
None of the lment AW16G (recorder, multi purpose, sampler, mixer, recorder) does act as a "gadget" and couraging with precision and efficiency of its responsibility che ki!
With the AW16G, talent, expertise and knowledge INGENEERING LOT, you can get about the results amazing!
G is used for a year now and Chaka ke g once a song starts, I g rjouis advance the human adventure, musical ke g AW16G will live thanks to (do not worry, do not work g YAMAHA not c ... is not the pub!)
Trs G'm really glad I made the right choice (g rflchi long, between hsit DIFFERENT MODELS Audiofanzine and thanks, a lot of documentation and the "green light" of professionals in the field, g I finally east to the AW16G ...).
With exprience, ke g g sincrement think would do this choice because in Contents Musik, face so many products, g koi asked myself I needed in the light of my (small) budget and AW16G is what I needed ...