jeremy19450 aka nova akropola 09/24/2014

Yamaha AW4416 : jeremy19450 aka nova akropola's user review

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Cecie is a combined (Audio Workstation) including:
the engine of the 02 / R with a recorder and (for me) the card plug-in wave
16bit - 48kHz 44
MIDI sync and adat
44 tracks mixes including 16 recording tracks
pa dynamic voice processing
2 integrated effect yam '+ 6 departure back
2 connectivity expansion slots (for me 16 (dont8 optionnlles analog input jack mono + 8 inputs ADAT outputs with the wave map
.... And a little sampler (not used for me) and small anecdotal sequencer ..
good Net equipment motorized knobs holding up the disc and the machines seem well ventilated and therefore no noise (despite surprise at the beginning linked to the previous owner)
mouse port is HS for me so


manuals are clear with interesting examples
the usual functions accessible but ideal is to properly get into it and to make scenes and patches of memories to save time ... think has to create a work environment if not faster time we lose


convertos are not falling and the sound of the machine is cold and impersonal pluto neutral (qualities for me)
y'am the integrated effects are just okay
simple dynamic treatment but without common measure to hardware or high-end plug
and dynamqiue is good.


I use the following way
I recovered in adat 8 tracks my pc
4 channels are pure my old via dedicated premap
digital input of my portable recorder and num exit on pc for sampling and mastering
and the remaining inputs receives the rest of my instrumentals via a patch bay.
this machine is good disservice and is effective for what I asked registered in situ without pc and mix

but we do not buy a neve with pro tools
with that, we bought a device capable of super def if we give ourselves the means with preamp and external but effective effect for the trad live bands and those with no ears to save a screen
what I like most is its spontaneity of it made its patches you size
I regret its weight effects blah unnecessary sampler and of course the lack of access to the drive via USB eg for "edition faster