Zoom MRS-8
Zoom MRS-8

MRS-8, Digital Multrack-studio from Zoom in the MRS series.

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windigo 12/29/2010

Zoom MRS-8 : windigo's user review


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The connection:

The inputs are XLR and 6.35 for the microphones. 6.35 for another guitar, instruments, and with a low line switch.
An entry Power 9V 300ma.
A receptacle for four 1.5V LR6.

The outputs are a Midi Out, 2 RCA (analog) L and R Master, headphones with volume (monitoring) that we would have preferred the front.
An on / off switch still significant, and insert SD card, stand very practical, reliable, lightweight and economical.
Accuracy: 24 bit 44.1 kHz, age requires ..
The benchmarks are broad enough to screen the zoom.
We will not talk Synchro as R16 or R24 now, not USB.
This is a recording two tracks simultaneously.


Pioneer in this field, this photo is very simple to use, easy handling, very good documentation in French.
The functions are user-friendly access, the manual is the worst there.
Drum patterns and bass program, it can serve.
The integration of virtual tracks is excellent.


The sound is of good quality for the time of its release, clear and transparent, nothing to say, well above the 4-track tapes.
The effects are quality and of course we do not use them all be it on the voice as the guitar or keyboard.
I recommend a pre-amp for live use, however with mixer.
On the whole dynamics is respected, it is very good.


I kept it since 2005 (nostalgia), now I'm with a R16 that records 8 tracks simultaneously, but that's another generation.
I conclude by saying that I noted for his great good photo quality / price unbeatable, but I warn that it is primarily a recording quality, not to seek another function whatever the model.
SRM 8 remains a good "all in one" with a microphone already built mono recordings on the fly, a "small pocket studio," because the sound on the SD card is already good sound.
No, but I would do choose a higher zoom, Lol.

most: its simplicity and the little soft for the card manager always downloadable from Zoom (new generations recorded directly. Wav). The least: to date USB.