Soulei 07/16/2013

Zoom R16 : Soulei's user review

«  Amazing for the price! »

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We bought the Zoom R16 to record our rehearsals multi-track WITHOUT COMPUTER.
Low (amp out), guitar (amp out), battery (2 + 1 C414 Beta52), keyboard (line out), microphones (SM58) ... everything goes.

It is very light (plastic) very portable, buy the bag sold is useful for protection during transport.

The stereo output on the console of our rehearsal studio on branch (to amplify the voice) and records everything you want with the system, without having to disconnect any cables.
At the sound, so that bin does not gain beyond 3/4, it is very clean, no staining, the momentum is maintained. Frankly for models is more than enough.

Once the registration is, we can send some tracks on the layer 8-16 to re-record up to 8 tracks and more (so 16 in total!) Which allows a lot of flexibility.

The headphone output with adjustable click is a real plus to save itself (I am a drummer I know what I mean ;) ).

Once the rehearsal ended, I bring home the machine and I used audio interface (44.1 / 16 bit) in Reaper for multitrack work. Again it is clean, smooth, efficient.
One can even use the faders to control the DAW, but as they do not the motor is not necessarily practical.

The next step in my use of R16 is reading samples through the machine, I'd previously edited in Reaper and imported into the SD card R16.

If some still raise the question of the quality of the preamps, I used the R16 with Schoeps capsules CCM4, I can tell you that quality is at the rendezvous. Basically, if your mics are qualitative and that you are using, the R16 will amaze you can be sure!

Finally, I would say for about € 300, it does not get better in 2013!