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Roland Digital Pianos user reviews

  • Roland FP-8

    Roland FP-8 - "A standard for its time!"


    Easy to set up. Two sounds can be layered, for example: piano 2 + violins pad 3. (with volume foot control for the latter): I have never found anything similar since, a pity! UTILIZATION The keyboard has real hammers, felts...the best at the time…

  • Roland EP-85

    Roland EP-85 - "Indestructible"


    88-key piano with lots of jack connections (2 headphone outputs, right output, left output, right input, left input, sustain pedal, damper pedal), and three MIDI (in, out, thru). 8 classic sounds (97), piano, ep, organ... pretty decent... ...for i…

  • Roland FP-8

    Roland FP-8 - " Reserved"


    Standard connections that you can find on every other product UTILIZATION Someone gave it to me because it had broken down and was in a miserable state. It was repainted, so the silkscreen was unreadable, plus some buttons were missing. So the firs…

  • Roland V-Piano

    Roland V-Piano - "Feels real"


    A local songwriter that I know uses the Roland V Piano a lot, I have used it maybe 3 or 4 times while with him and the feel of it is so satisfying. Anyone who knows how to play piano knows that working on a digital piano will not feel as good. But wi…

  • Roland FP-8

    Roland FP-8 - "Very nice"


    *88 weighted keys *Sounds: 5 piano styles/3 electric piano styles/4 Mallet styles/4 String styles *In terms of FX it has Chorus and a reverb, which aren't really modifiable. *connections: 2 x mono out(L/R) on 1/4" jacks 2 x mono in (L/R) on 1/4"…

  • Roland RD-700SX

    Roland RD-700SX - " very good piano"


    Look up the features on the website. The reverb and chorus effects available are OK, but nothing special I don't edit the sounds UTILIZATION I think the keyboard is better than the yamaha which I had before, for example The overall setup is clea…

  • Roland RD-700SX

    Roland RD-700SX - "Good stuff"


    Everything has been said about its features. 10/10 UTILIZATION I don't play piano, I "thump" it. I'm in a '60s-'70s cover band (CSN&Y, Eagles, Beatles, America, ...). I gave up piano a couple of years ago. My wife insisted that I retake it, so I d…

  • Roland EP-85

    Roland EP-85 - "Very good feel, almost like a piano"


    7 octaves, internal sounds dating from 1997, so it makes little sense to talk about them in 2012 MIDI in out thru, inputs for optional sustain and mute pedals UTILIZATION The keyboard of the piano is very interesting, because it's light: There's n…

  • Roland RD-100

    Roland RD-100 - "take it home"


    Roland does it again with the RD-100, this board has amazing sounds. All of the Roland boards have a very warm sound, plus this keyboard is very affordable. The after touch is great and the keys feel like a real grand piano. I have used this keyboard…

  • Roland FP-8

    Roland FP-8 - "They don't make them like this anymore"


    Other people have reviewed this in detail already, so there's no need for me to go into it. UTILIZATION And yes, it's my nicest piano, being an organist, I broke my piggy bank when I was 13 to buy it. And I don't regret my decision. SOUNDS It is …