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Roland Digital Pianos user reviews

  • Roland RD-700

    Roland RD-700 - "decent board"


    I have loved the RD-700 since the SX series several years back, and Rolands has always outdone themselves. The Touch and Feel of the Third Gen - Progressive Hammer Action (PHA3) keys is the BEST in the business, and the synthetic Ivory keys are amazi…

  • Roland RD-700SX

    Roland RD-700SX - ericthegreat's review


    I bought a new RD700sX 3 years ago. It's a good stage box, very versatile with the four layers, foot controller, and a good assortment of factory patches. I've tweaked the patches considerably, and am mostly pleased with the product. UTILIZATION Ve…

  • Roland RD-300NX

    Roland RD-300NX - yoTrakkz's review


    Roland does it again with the RD-300GX, this board has amazing sounds. All of the Roland boards have a very warm sound, plus this keyboard is very affordable. The after touch is great and the keys feel like a real grand piano. I have used this keybo…

  • Roland RD-700

    Roland RD-700 - "Excellent keyboard, sturdy, well-balanced and credible sounds"


    USE The keyboard is one of the RD 700's strengths. It features true hammer action (which was something pretty new for stage keyboards back then) and it's sturdy (having used it for years, I have never had a mechanical problem and the response of t…

  • Roland FP-8

    Roland FP-8 - EricMa62's review


    Weighted piano, a dozen sounds, two effects (chorus and reverb), amplified. It came out around 1990 with features that made it one of the top pianos. UTILIZATION I confirm and add a couple of things to the precedent reviews. It has made my day for…

  • Roland RD-700

    Roland RD-700 - rvladi's review


    See the manufacturer's site. USE The keyboard is a good old-school one and the quality of the keys is impressive. It's very easy and intuitive to use. I'm a pianist with 20+ years of experience and you can trust me when I say you can easily g…

  • Roland EP-7

    Roland EP-7 - Michael-David's review


    It's a 76 weighted-key digital piano. It has 6 preset sounds (acoustic piano, electric piano, vibraphone, organs and violins), and it also has two non-editable basic effects: Reverb and chorus. It also has MIDI (IN, THRU and OUT), two 1/4" jack outpu…

  • Roland EP-85

    Roland EP-85 - bidibulle25's review


    See above UTILIZATION The piano has a semi-weighted sensitive keyboard. It feels nice to the touch and you can even play classic stuff with sensibility, the problem is that if you learn to play with it and then move on to a real acoustic piano o…

  • Roland RD-700SX

    Roland RD-700SX - Denys's review


    Read other reviews or look online for the features. I always find everything or almost everything I'm looking for. It has no metronome, which is pretty nasty given the price, Mr. Roland... The SMF reader is limited in terms of capacity (1 Mb, 20-s…

  • Roland RD-500

    Roland RD-500 - M Elise's review


    This digital piano is from the 80s I think. It is a professional quality instrument. It has various piano sounds and the other limited choice of basic sounds like organs, harpsichord, strings etc. The sounds can be edited and saved. The instrument…