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Roland Digital Pianos user reviews

  • Roland EP-85

    Roland EP-85 - rore's review


    88-key half-weighted keyboard 8 sounds (with the possibility to combine two at a time and adjust their respective volumes) Polyphony: 28 voices 2 effects: Chorus and Reverb Possibility to record (1000 notes) 11 arrangement programs Metronome …

  • Roland RD-700

    Roland RD-700 - "Roland RD 700"


    Guitar Center. About $1900.00 over a year ago. It is the closet keyboard to a piano thus far in the evolution of the things. It is the first and only as far as I know which can be used to practice on much like a real piano. The action is the best…

  • Roland RD-700

    Roland RD-700 - "Roland RD 700"


    For my 50th birthday my wife surprised me with a Roland RD 700. I had been looking at all of the various electric stage pianos and thought this one looked pretty interesting as it seemed to deliver everything I wanted at the best price. Thus,…

Translated user reviews
  • Roland FP-50

    Roland FP-50 - " DIGITAL PIANO ROLAND FP50"


    Brand new, used 1 hour, with sofa, desk, headset and foot pedal, purchase invoice June 2013 USE Brand new, used 1 hour, with sofa, desk, headset and foot pedal, purchase invoice June 2013 SOUNDS Brand new, used 1 hour, with sofa, desk, he…

  • Roland RD-700NX

    Roland RD-700NX - "Least perfectible digital pianos"


    Ivory heavy touch with Escapement; 128-voice polyphony; 4 multi-timbral voices LiveSet + midi file 16 votes; SuperNATURAL (3 + 3 acoustic pianos electric pianos); Tone Wheel Organ emulation; Effects 1xEgaliseur 4-band tri-band 1xCompresseur, 1xReverb…

  • Roland EP-77

    Roland EP-77 - " A good investment"


    How many octaves? 5 octaves What connection? Two headphone jacks Audio Midi two jacks (In and Out), two pedal jacks (damper and soft). How many sounds, effects available? Are they edited? 8 sounds are available (see item Audiofanzine) UTI…

  • Roland FP-8

    Roland FP-8 - " Reliable and easy to use instrument"


    Keyboard 88 keys, 16 tones including 5 acoustic and two electric pianos. Range of effects of his time either Chorus and Reverb (4 each), a little limited after a few years (since the mid-1990s to be precise), I would have seen tremolo, phaser, flange…

  • Roland EP-77

    Roland EP-77 - " A good piano for beginners"


    This piano features five octaves (77 keys). The connectors are a MIDI and a pedal. 8 sounds are available: grand piano, piano fedora, electric piano, vibraphone, harpsichord, organ, strings, choir. UTILIZATION The touch keyboard is semi-weighted …

  • Roland FP-50

    Roland FP-50 - "Very good digital piano, especially for its homogeneity"


    Roland Digital Piano, successor of PF4 and FP4f. Offers piano sounds with SUPERNATURAL technology with all of more than 300 sounds. Small built with 100 Styles Arranger, Midi and Audio player files (WAVE format 44kz with the possibility of setting …

  • Roland FP-80

    Roland FP-80 - " Finally a "FP" (False Piano ^ ^) worthy of the name!"


    88-key digital piano, keyboards Ivory Feel S, all playable on the site of Roland. Purchased with the optional wood stand (very qualiteuse the way) into a piano lounge but without the disadvantages of digital furniture, namely paying a lot of woodwo…