Roland RD-300SX
Roland RD-300SX

RD-300SX, Digital Piano from Roland in the RD series.

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stoff73 06/01/2005

Roland RD-300SX : stoff73's user review


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Touch is enjoyable and trs is a product of good quality. It is obvious that this is to compare an acoustic piano in a piano numrique but its product range and price, it is part of the best keyboards available. The configuration possibilities are relatively minimal, but their edition is simple and relevant. The manual is well rdig. no surprises this level


The sound of this keyboard is acceptable for me and for my use (non-professional). While 50% sounds seem to me the gadget, but in regard to three main families of sounds (piano, electric piano, organ), there is (almost) as good surprises. The pianos are particularly successful.
Personally, I immediately find a little electric piano and organ, but it seems to me that these sounds are of good quality trs


Since about 1 month. Trs pleased with this acquisition. APRS trying all models matching this price, it silent clear (at least for me) that Roland MODELS last 2 were part of the trifecta. Although sr, while only a matter of taste. Today (mid-2005), there is no alternative offering tural ahead of the MODELS