Roland RD-300SX
Roland RD-300SX

RD-300SX, Digital Piano from Roland in the RD series.

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clementsoullard 07/04/2005

Roland RD-300SX : clementsoullard's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
88-key keyboard it hammer.
About a hundred sounds are easily accessible. There is also sound and diffrent GM2 drum kit there are some rhythms. It is far from being plthorique but all tones are of high quality.

It's really a keyboard scne East, for example there is nothing prvu to bring the scores, it's a shame, because before you know it by heart even when a lot of read the sheets!


Touch is trs enjoyable and close to a real piano. It is ideal to study. However, if the touch is not bad at all, it is not so raliste than RD700-SX - but it does not exactly boxing in the same CATEGORY. Prfre I dwell on the qualities that made me choose this keyboard:

- Using ultra simple. No need to program the machine, it will pass trs well, everything is intuitive.
- The order felt good: We RULES easily level layer, a legalization two bands will make the brilliant sound of the piano when switching from headphones to the monitor.
- One touch piano to piano rccuprer prfer of a button. This is not a principle gnral, but it rpond required 80% of pianists.
- A box for basic rhythm train home.

Compared to the RD 170, the keys are less plastic look.


The sounds are well trs small but quality in all we preset

- A tail sampled piano on all the notes we feel t he sampled on several levels VLOC. Added the dclinaisons classical piano softer, honky, piano study.
- The Electric Piano, Rhodes, Wurlitzer sound! We can play on his sound effects for EP. Only the Clavinet that does not suit me, but it is subjective.
- Organs: zippers are missing ... but they are good.
- And the sounds useful: bass, violins, pads ... It yammer a Voice Ooh wah ... so funny that I want to do a piece just on that basis.

It's all good! Throw anything away!


I just bought it and did not undergo the proof of the concerts. But unless it fails I do not see how I could be the! This keyboard is not a decoy in the sense that it promises nothing gadget and I feel that all the money I invested was used for useful functions and it was just for a excellent quality price. The simplicity is the word for this machine matre completing his contract.

A final word on her weight is a strong marketing argument for this machine. 15 pounds is good, but it is lightweight yet :-)