Roland RD-300SX
Roland RD-300SX

RD-300SX, Digital Piano from Roland in the RD series.

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funkygroovyrhodes 01/15/2009

Roland RD-300SX : funkygroovyrhodes's user review


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Features dj dcrites. For rsumer, it is a Stage of Roland, 88-key hammer bank with classic sounds: piano and EP / Organs good or very good quality and then the rest (tablecloths, guitars, brass) that are unusable on stage (and even less in the studio)
Weight is an asset. For wear Korg Triton Pro X or Rhodes, it is clear that this facilitates dplacement. Finally, count all the same do with this Paris Roubaix RD300 on the luggage rack ...
A good grade because the most imprtant sounds are very good (piano, organ and EP) and the weight is correct.


Honestly, in terms of the use, it does not ask too much. For rsumer I divided into two parts:
1) memorize its presets: yes, you can, but the small screen does not make things easier. In addition, all is not backed up. So we must also memorize some parameters in his head (leslie for example, or the parameters of the second pedal)
2) Contrle in real time: for the equalizer is very good. For faders that are used to split and dual, it is also very convenient to have them on hand. For the rest (cd effects that we would like to add ...), you must enter the menu and remember abbreviations ...

In the end, I always use the same sounds and know my heart rglages by these few sounds. It seems to me simpler than the presets.
For those who want the Controller in ral time and facade, as well as real backup presets, you can trouner to Clavia (2 times more expensive all the same)


Sons of Rhodes piano and organ are at the top.
The keyboard is pleasant: it's good for jazzeux Roland So, we like.
The vlocit is very good (for example with its bibaleloulap cd small voice ragissent according to vlocit and out of DIFFERENT sounds)
The effects will not use. For my part, I have my branch wha and my tremolo on the RD and I do not use internesdu RD300 effects.


For those who want a good course with some big sounds (deu first piano, the three EP and one or two organs) and that a reasonable price, go for it.
For those who want ral time with adjustable presets at top: thank you to contact Clavia