Roland RD-300SX
Roland RD-300SX

RD-300SX, Digital Piano from Roland in the RD series.

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seanbateman 07/10/2005

Roland RD-300SX : seanbateman's user review


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88-key, normal, so ... Sounds relatively large, for me it is more, since I asked him c'tait primarily to be a piano, because I have a Triton ct more sound banks on my computer ... I would add that if the comment below me regrets the lack of something to ask his scores, I personally rent it. It's a piano scne, I use it for my components, so no partitition and frankly bored trs to have a pice of plastic bte derrire the body of piano, especially for transportation, or the ugly little holes rear mtallique To insert a rod to hold the partitions. Especially a lectern, it's really cheap, if you really need ... Collection's outdoor, this piano is quite an Aesthetics russia (less ugly than the unspeakable faux wood Yamaha Roland ...), so thank you for not inflicting us a.


Touch, if not that of a piano vritable, forcment is close enough to be enjoyable ... If anyone here has attempted on scne to play piano parts on a Korg Triton synth or other without touching the piano, it will be dj frankly delighted with the RD-300SX ... Softer than my upright piano, but enough to afford to play all that can be played on a piano vritable no surprises, and with the same enjoyable feeling of really playing the piano.
Setting simple, fairly intuitive buttons and ... Accs rapid DIFFERENT sounds, nothing wrong.
The manual is sufficient, plus the list of programs ... Given the simplicity of use, I do not see what more.
USB MIDI connectivity, it is convenient ... but hey, we will not make a keyboard-Matra, this is not the goal and there are no knobs for the a, so users are limits, and to play MIDI IN using sounds from the computer much more than OUT, although sr ...
9 I put just one thing: at times, I find the pedals a little erratic ...


As mentioned above, I just wanted a piano, a Korg Triton and I have my computer derrire branch, I do electro rock, so for the sound, I have everything Whereas what I needed UNLESS a piano that sounds really like a piano and not like cardboard ... In addition to my desire for a true piano touch for too many parts mlodiques more and more complicated where the Triton could not follow. And finally, I trs INTERESTED Discoveries sounds, and I soon Intgr certain organs, pianos and electric bills trs my compos ... Although sr, voices, brass and other sounds there are gadgets. But enough trsrussis sounds for the use of this piano is a real pleasure.


I almost bought his release on the market for beginners anne. In all music stores, the c'tait MODEL advised me that, and indeed, have APRS t trs moderately excited about the Yamaha, as much as the level of their overall ugliness , I report the Roland ... without really got to try it. I have no regrets, it is a good instrument trs. 15kg, this is not lightweight, but I do not see how to make a more lightweight 88-key without the ptisse in quality, so rev well, and frankly transportable. It is really compact, convenient for dplacements. On scne, trs well, even in the dark because its ease of use found its rglages quickly, he did so far not to trick jou , and taken on a sound system in concert halls, it sounds really good trs. I do not regret my choice for what I have tried other, I can tell you that nothing in this price (I pay 1200 ... least since I dtaxe live in Switzerland, so I'm shooting to the 1080, I believe) is not my opinion. It's a good bte and I intend to do a pice of the standard central mass of mess that surrounds me live much longer ...