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ob-1 06/17/2008

Elektron SidStation : ob-1's user review


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Value For Money : Poor
Deja vu, I will not add


The interface is a bit heavy but with time you get used to

basically everything is on the screen (ridiculous) and said these sounds by browsing a dozen submenus

I would say that one who know a little synthse additive, has come to do what he wants with this machine, most basic functions are Submitted

beginners, on your way

the manual is simple and sufficient

the chunks is the editor of wavetable, not too empty to know what you do to beginners, but with persverance we enter the heart of the machine

flat, four assignable knob more would not have the luxury t


I actually post the notice of the reading APRS Anonymous

this machine sounds "Chip-tune" or "8 bit", whatever, so that it sounds like a gameboy is rather a compliment to him

those expecting a classic synth sounds clear and powerful, forget it, this machine is LO-FI, unstable, noisy, sometimes capricious, though ... the sound is still very warm and mostly living trs

waveforms are diffrent of each other, which is the main achte is not an SID for a large super Fat but to make the "8-bit" and less 'be hacker, it is the only proposed contract expander such sonoritbr />
the wavetable allow any kind of thing, mini arpge, rhythms box, FX, see carrment squenceur for a piece with 3 tracks
good is not perfect, I find the filter a bit winded even when (rsonance shy and there is still much lower passing end of course) and I find the sound gnral low low, but good enough qualisation solve the problem
on the other hand I've never tried an external signal to filter ...


More than 2 years that I use

cot least, a flash memory 3 times since I have a backup via rgulier C6 is essential if we want to start over zero,
I would also add that I prfr whether rack, as I often do dplace live and the place that I have sometimes Reduces ets

cot addition, SOUND, SOUND and ... SOUND

compares a certain TB-303, OK it is gray, compact, inimitable, and almost indispensable to one who possde, but s'arrte l
the sid is a synth that allows you to complete the lead, bass, percussions and all sorts of things but always with the grain "8-bit"

qualitprix report? to the extent that there is no real competition in the sector expander "8-bit" hard to say if the price lev justified or not (for my part I had in OCCAZ 750EUR)

otherwise the machine is even more rare for a TB, or the 20000 manufactured by Roland in the manufacture of stopping, the Elektron has manufactured SidStation 1000 before reaching the end of their stock chip !
I Rasht without a hsiter, but as I dj my choice will lean towards a Monomachine, I could compare the SID emulator and I then incorporated under the SID 7 ..... rhaa hands, lovely