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Nothing 01/22/2004

Elektron SidStation : Nothing's user review


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This synth is Submitted as a small box format "groovebox" a rough finish trs, and the whole is trslger.

It is low on the SID, the chipset sound of Commodore 64.

But there is a single chip, so it is monophonic and monotimbral.

The presets are ditables only on the machine, there is no editor available software I know. For the edition, 4 knobs and a large paved numrique, a calculator, to navigate the OS.

The connection is simple: midi in, out, and a thru / O mono jack.

No effect and no potentiomtre output volume (?!?!)


Edit your own sounds may be quite difficult, this synth has nothing do with an analog synth.

We'll have to dive into the doc, but rather educational too succinct to give something other than a simple introduction.

The four knobs can act on the live sound and can be automatiss by noon.

It is essential to use a noise-gate output is also strongly recommended trs in the doc, because this synth is trs loud: lots of wind and bug-chip MOS 6581 ( the famous SID) which means that the oscillators do not s'arrtent and cause a noise even more losque a note is played.

Finally, the stability of the OS is not any evidence, I had a dj crashes (!)


The sound is unique, btement by the design of this chip. If in your younger years you jou with a C64, it will remind you a lot of good memories.

So the sound is dirty trs, in a register Thurs 80's video, this machine has a. Designed to t

The machine shows its Intrets on pads really trs pais, sounds percu CHARACTERISTICS of the machines, but especially small lead fawn squence old game video.

IDAL is short for electro-pop for Adult and REFERENCE Fisherspooner use this synth and means!


I kept this machine 3 months. I sampled my sounds prfrs then I sold it. I t trsdu globally by this purchase made me a long time RVer.

The CHARACTERISTICS I like, and that motivated this purchase, it's btement the chip, the SID, that's sounds good SPECIFICATIONS. But I dtest everything else.

First, there are limitaions machine that could be Exceeds with the use of multiple chips (which are far from being rare, it's just the stock of Elektron, which is limited !).

There is the quality of manufacture of the machine is really dplorable (well, another ct has trs craft, some will find the charm aa)

Finally, there is the price is really too lv ...

In rsum I do not really regret this machine. If you have a good dj studio full, the Sidstation be a nice little gadget to use from time to time, but otherwise I do not really recommend the purchase.

Finally, there is a virtual synth mulant ReFX said by the SID, not just the sound of it is trs Fidler, but it also offers more features than INTERESTED SidStation, I prfr far be it from ReFX team that is responsible for the development of this machine plutt the Elektron team.