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Elektron SidStation : Anonymous 's user review


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Polyphonic mode using the chip to a quarter of its possibilities (they had almost promised a multitimbral mode, never).
bone is highly sensitive to regular MIDI ... crashes as soon as you start to want to sync / send cc.


Galley and simple at the same time


Uh, it can make some interesting sounds (as in just about any synth (well, apart from the will, of course)), weird blips, sound quality with a sort of "voice" fairly massive but not very range large, especially:
January 1 dubious sound quality ("hollow" sound, leakage of the oscillators, filter noise, amplitude contour opportunities ultra Schematic (worthy of a gameboy)) ---> only solution: EQ / expansion / compression ...
2 filter dull and rough (it's part of the charm, no choice has to be said)
3 oscillators disappointing (square wave without character, sync and ring mod not sensational either)
4 LFOs a little too slow.
5 wavetable rigid tiresome (no possibility of modulating their speed by the velocity), and produce full of clicks that tire the ears ...


I have one, I use it, and I like it, somewhere ...
but at this price is the most stupid thing you can find (probably the most radical who wants to ruin eardrums)

Note: all sounds "interesting" it can produce are affordable (and well below) the lower controllable analog hp (for modulations in steps of oscilloscope, filter, VCA (away from the sid , amplitude modulation, another of his big faults with it is on or off ...))

worth no more than 200 euros this thing, to stop the myth ...