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rez6581 03/03/2004

Elektron SidStation : rez6581's user review


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The monophonic synth SidStation is built around the Sound Interface Device (SID) -6581 ( 7Ee9426444/sidtech3.html%), the chipset sound of Commodore 64 (http:/ /


This machine does what Manir constructed using the sound processor is made of the same Manir other synthtiseur, despite the large technical restrictions of the ge advance of the can (in 1982 all the same).
I would remind you that the SID-6581 era t designed or out of the TB-303, and the era c'tait a real "monster" sound compares all other computer .
The OS of the machine even t he program on an Amiga 4000, so this machine is unique and "vintage" from beginning to end.


The sound processor overclock is more than 200 times the original and then spits frquence Now the 16-bit 44KHz (which is impossible to do with a Commodore 64) and of course if you know a little style, sounds are truly monstrous (if that's what you want).
A good big bass in square-wave will make you hair stand on the whole body at the same time, and even you can be come a tear dcrocher the end of the cycle "pulse-width".
I did the test by trying DIFFERENT SID emulators, and really is incomparable, the original (the so Sidstation) is inimitable.


I bought this wonderful little thing for 3 years, and now that there will never again be built I am even more happy to have bought time.
I do not t dcu with my purchase, I also used the Sidstation in "slave" Listen to music for Commodore 64 (in. Sid) while I work.

I think overall (10 across) is fully justified if you like his "low-fi" if caractrisque the Commodore 64, if you do not know this world dj it is likely that you would dcu but otherwise you will understand my enthusiasm!