Roland JV-1080
Roland JV-1080
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lukleprog 03/14/2014

Roland JV-1080 : lukleprog's user review

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Everything has been said about this synth
j test to find fault but it's difficult
multi-effect is certainly light
64 voice polyphony is a trap and was quick to be in voice lessons in sequences responsible
multi mode provides a sound definition less accurate than the patch method
when you have a PCM card must unlock the memory whenever we want to save a patch it's pretty annoying
the wheel is fragile and when she began to screw up I have quickly stopped using it but as you can s' to skip this is not a fault
the level difference in the patches can be quite annoying but other than that no big deal


everything is clear in publishing and was quick to remember how s' use even leaving aside for a while


pianos are playable even basic bass are round and punchy, organs in the éditants are nice and do not attack, sets basic chords are basic but hold up, the layers are so overplayed that n 'there is nothing more to discover in virtually presets
basic sounds is a distressing poverty, I don 'use it almost never
if manufacturers could hear the sounds that we can get out they would be awfully surprised
it covers all the needs of practicing zicos yesterday and today especially with SRJV cards that we can add
there or what synth delivers everything he has in the stomach it is with the map SRJV vyntage synth, a true wonder
knowing the fingertips, it m 'often identify a lead sound in ambient music or prog and reproduce virtually identical with its leads intuitive editing means (sounds and layers of moog, prophet , arp, solina, vp330, mellotron ...)
us lead sounds progs groups and ambient 80's
in the classical field it is not bad either
putting both cards expressive orchestral ensembles and inspiratifs obtained
I don 't use it very regularly doubling with orchestral sounds vst
there is also a handy trick using the mono mode is usually reserved for synth lead by applying the flute, oboe, clarinet, trumpet solo classical instruments realistic and expressive obtained


I have this synth for almost 15 years and remains the nerve center of all my songs
sounds bases do not transcend and have been so used in music in general that it became unfashionable by force
it is essential to abandon the preset sounds and provide a good personal bank to get the best, also on mine even with the memory card I 've more space so this synth is expressive
coloring additive synthesis gives it its soft analogue wish
I have listened to one of his successors, the 5080 xv
sounds are brighter and quickly reveal defects in the waves as the old converters does not have
some patches sound less analogue to final but be aware that you want in life
if c 'was again I redeem the same again especially with the value of time