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Clavia Nord Stage 2 76 : Anonymous 's user review

« Exactly what you need as keyboardist .. almost! »

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The big puzzle was to choose:

I took the 76 model because it has the heavy touch in 16.5 kilos.
I do not like sacrificing voulai heavy touch, I chose the lightest heavyweight.

I'm not that big scenes (you play often in confined spaces is not always Byzantium eh) and it remains a relatively compact size while not sacrificing anything to the quality and enjoyment of the game

The keyboard is fatar IMPECC the Roland RD are slightly above (pianistically speaking), but it remains neither too heavy nor too light weight (in my opinion) absolutely and properly calibrated to the expression of its sounds .

By USB, it can act as master keyboard.
He did not play but sophisticated features of your apps by touch is not the worst things that can happen to you.

Its joystick wood and stone wheel (the northern claw) is just absolute class!

This is not a concern with this type of product is a pure keyboard scene (not multitimbral stacking in the studio) so smooth on this point.

The finish of the product is very high quality:
Whole body is metal, the buttons are firm ... the connectors at the back are protected by large metal bolts.
What can I say?
At the opposite keyboards (korg kronos as that feels more compromise on the finish quality pure) presenting little things here and the medium in the design .. NORD provides real care in product design and quality control.


Use NORTH reason is simple:
-Button, function or some menus ..!

All the key is:
Splits, layering controls ... the direct synthesis and effects.
It is stupid to say, but to live once you understand the trick the way you live to refine your sound like little keyboards:
Think you got something in your regulate according and you immediately know how to get there!

That this keyboard is designed by real keyboard players is evidence .. you feel!

(For more detail on the functions will scour the demos and equipment)


Sounds, this is a field or NORD are very strong:

ALL SHALL keyboards competitors one way for them to get new samples:
You samples or samples you go back through logic sampler is not (by nature) simple.

Not integrated sampler?, Then you stay on the basic sounds of the machine .. or possibly you purchased cards extentions which are expensive!
(Or so years a pattern or krono you want a new piano? headphones you!)

You purchased the stage 2, you have access to two types of free libraries:
Bank-pianos and eps:
4 Rhodes, a wurly, harpsichords and pianos .. more you believe (put a small room effect and you believe the old piano of your grandmother in the attic if so!)
The great grand pianos:
a Bösendorfer, and the steinway yamaha ...

So you say .. "yeah but it sounds good but not too bad ... well this is the height of the market tenors what?"
And I answered:
'll Soon try pianos gonna cry .. and understand that it sounds great .. that NORD lot of new free sounds regularly .. and you cry!

An idea?
-Hey friend, here are the major:

Udder you want upright pianos right? (Come on, we did a little blues my darling?)

Ha, yes, you want the EPS more?

.................................................. ...............................................
Ok for that, but you want other sounds?

Good, then voila .. you have a modeling organ (B3, Farfisa and Vox) among the best on the market ..
The kind of modeling that do not get sound on stage toad, but something that sends a good beef steak 500 g for 1 person "in your face"
And if you want ds demos you seek but not even by you!

And if we spoke of "all" other sounds?
Bah, it's simple .. the north is a stage 2 analog modeling synthesizer with a nice control panel (filters, envelloppes, and other stuff)

But the more you can put your samples!
(The content you're even out of it?)
Yes, it is a library deuxiemme enter your keyboard:
The northern sample library.

Yes, as MR NORD is your friend, they will have available a free library of the best vintage keyboards history (mellotrons, string machines, CS80, Minimoog, etc etc) but also various acoustic sounds you need .

Then you say "cool!"
Yeah this is just genial ... for 2 reasons:

1-First because their bank has a lot of sounds not found in competing keyboards (including strings and mellotrons machines, old or organs of the past) or a few samples from time to time.
Then NORTH offers you the blackjack ...

2-If you're a little dork because you do not like complicated software .. still the NORD's your old pal!
You plug in the usb, you LIT north and tone your software ... and you do copy and paste small sounds you want!
It has a little austere side, but it works just IMPECC!
And even if half of your brain is evaporated because you've spent the summer on the planet in March, well even when you can get out with the little brain you have left!

Is not it great that?

Stage 2 has enough memory to place several pianos and rhodes sounds and tons of their famous bank vintage samples.
In addition, this is a keyboard that you completely empty his rom, and you filled according to your choice of any sounds you preferes!
The only keyboard on the market that you filled exactly as you want!
In your hand!

So with ca you say, it sounds?
Yeah .. serious
Pianos and everything .. nickel (but we all have different tastes so you have to compare to its competitors)
When is the library of vintage samples:
There is no programming with tons of layers .. triggering tons of layers ammenant particular expression ... no no!

The sounds are very very well sampled, and you can put them through the synthesis engine stage 2 (the filter ... etc) in order to discover other horizons the sound sample base.
Yes, but voila, a use that is just happening nickel ca.

You do not know why with north, but you're on stage and the sound is still very very good .. with the grain it takes!
So if you play a small sample of mellotron (eg), you will ADDED your little reverb or other effects ben .. it sounds great in the music, and the public.
And the public is happy sir!
(Yeah you do when even the effort to play the songs well eh ...)


Well, in these small account made humorous hiding from me a real attachment to this keyboard:

You begin to taste the joy of playing the keyboard on stage ... and you never have arrived do without!
I did for 1 year and a half of large and small scenes with him .. and if not I feel naked!
Slamming his pianos hell .. etc. .. send its organs

In addition, I carted everywhere and it is as fresh as the first day (the keyboard buttons and knobs .. everything is closed, nothing has changed!) You feel good camme serious.
The material pro, not hardware geek!

(Not surprising when you purchased one north, you make a good investment for long because the odds are elevated in occaz.C is justified having regard to the quality and reliability of the product.)

This keyboard is truly exhilarating!, You got the impression that you never Lachera and you can go to the end of the world!
Its look is recognizable from 1000, but it has just a little of what made the "old style" we love.
You have a good feeling vintage, above average for its competitors.

And now in the forums, there are keyboard players that trigger a 17 minute loop by pressing 2 keys, and who think they are the kings of the world because they buy a keyboard has 45,000 parameters (that n 'never use), all this to mumuse in their room.

So sometimes it does not include the interest of this type of product as stage 2, they are expensive because it has no sequencer exemps, no samper integrated .. etc (sniff)

Yeah but in fact is a keyboard for those who are really keyboard on stage, with a minimum of mastery.
With this keyboard, you sonneras that if you play your piano properly, your organ, your eps and your various synth sounds .. no fireworks!
This is a keyboard that enhances you if you have the necesary musicality in you .. this is not a keyboard that makes you think you are good at pressing 2 buttons and triggering 37 modulations.

This is what I love about him:
1-it makes me humble because it forces me to work my pieces to ensure a measure .. its so obviously it's hard (sometimes you say you're a shit .. we all know the soft shots) but after you feel good to have made the effort to earn it!

2-It has all the essence of what the real keyboardists (those who play real keyboard parts which). Need on stage .. and nothing superfluous and useless!
This is an intelligent product in this direction.

3-calibrating its sound on stage is perfect.
Or the difficult it is to find his sound "live" with some of its competitors .. it'll make things easier because it is rather easy to adjust ..

4-It is in contrast to philosophy korg kronos of defects (see my review), and thus I hate everything .. and he has a lot of what I like the most as live keyboardist.

5-it complements perfectly my jupiter 80 (see my review), which I think is the closest Japanese keyboard in the spirit of NORD, because one can weaken or (synth sounds that pass the course very much leaner but let's say) the other excels (the jupiter 80 sends the BIG FAT multilayer synth sound in your face. (and the inverse piano sounds NORTH enhance the jupiter 80)
In short, the combination of the 2 is perfect for all levels and present .. tip top quality sound and to turn on various types of projects.

6-This is a keyboard affordable and easy to master / understand for those who do not have the time to spend hours to consult a record of 1200 pages.

Chapter a bit more critical:
I have the cover DEDICATED north (200euros), and it deteriorates too fast compared to the price costing it (even if it protects very well the keyboard)

One expects the new rhodes (those are the upscale no anxiety, but some of its competitors and has progressed so far of the eps are kronos eg a hair DeSUS)

Its part-VA / samples is less powerful than high-end workstation in terms of possibilities synthesis. (Although this is not its primary purpose and he did a good job over the always the same)

-What else to say, I honestly do not know.
If you feel nothing for this type of product at a time that is indisputable because we are different and each has his personal feeling.

Anyway, no keyboard pro happens to him at the ankle in terms of sound quality / finish, reliability / weight (for a heavy touch / compactness.

In the type of product, not difficult to argue that it is the best compromise available on the market.
Of course it is not cheap .. but it is an investment unstoppable!