Clavia Nord Stage 2 88
Clavia Nord Stage 2 88

Nord Stage 2 88, Digital Synth from Clavia in the Nord Stage 2 series.

alex48 05/21/2012

Clavia Nord Stage 2 88 : alex48's user review

«  Intuition, realism and performance! »

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Users of workstation-type pattern and company will laugh! It's childish, it Splite easily, layers are created in 2 seconds. The effects are at your fingertips on the right of the keyboard (reverb, delay, phaser, distortion ...) and quickly adjustable when you have a sound that suits us, we store and forward, one can add a layer for example, and add a splitter or a B3 low left hand with the stuff (6 sounds can be used simultaneously, or any splitter or splitter as 2 or 3 ... etc) it sounds complicated but it takes 10 seconds ( if so serious!).
The manual is not a stone but perfectly sums up the basic functions.


The sounds are excellent, in addition to pianos organs are almost perfect. For pianos, I advise to load the sound of the great concert Boesendorf found in the sample librairy North course, not that other sounds are bad (far from it) but with the great boesendorf it kills! on the other hand he is greedy and takes a lot of space (so it will turn at least two other piano sounds lighter).
The Rhodes are excellent, the Wurly "supertrampesque".
The organs are fabulous.
I will issue a small flat on the sounds of the synth sample librairy side, I find them a bit cold. But with the synth part, you can change them at will and give them a nice personal side.


I use this machine for 9 months and I am delighted because it is complete for any type of scene, I use it in several groups (Rock, variety, Musette, French songs, jazz) and it fits anywhere .
Not to mention the weight, only 18kgs, for one-stage piano keyboard it looks!
I recommend this instrument to all lovers of piano, organ, rhodes and foremost who do a lot of scene.
I would do without any concern that choice.