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Clavia Nord Stage 2 88
Clavia Nord Stage 2 88

Digital Synth from Clavia belonging to the Nord Stage 2 series.

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YannTaillade YannTaillade

«  the top home clavia »

Publié le 07/04/14 à 03:27
Value For Money : Poor
I bring you back to the downloadable manual on the net


simple general config, for a maximum of possibilities
clear enough manual
editing sounds: all or almost is in front, the grip is naturally


sounds suitable, or very well,
not terrible presets,
Too bad it does not make coffee


- This is a very good keyboard scene, pretty and more.
- Pianos are superb realism, especially the great imperial.
- Very well as electric pianos, organs very realistic
- Part synth / friendly and powerful sampling.
- The effects are visible and powerful, flange, chorus, wah, delay, reverb amp simulation, equalizer
- Everything is in front, the machine has been well thought-oriented scene
- Possibility to connect a second MIDI keyboard to play the organ for example

- Heavy keyboard is good without being great
- The high price
- Presets for the synth part
- Access to memory on a small screen