Clavia Nord Stage 2 88
Clavia Nord Stage 2 88

Nord Stage 2 88, Digital Synth from Clavia in the Nord Stage 2 series.

Mothaba 03/16/2012

Clavia Nord Stage 2 88 : Mothaba's user review

«  Really Excellent! »

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For specifications I refer you to the site of Clavia.

The keyboard comes with a power supply cable, USB cable, a sustain pedal and a proper keyboard covers-red.

The configuration could not be simpler: you plug it on and voila, ready to play!


The keyboard is divided into three sections: organ (B3, Vox, Farsifa), Piano (Piano acoustic grand and upright, Rhodes, clavinet, piano, electronic), Synth (samples, waveforms, LFO, envelopes ...) .

Each section can be stacked up to 2 instruments per section (6 instruments at max: 2 organs, 2 pianos, 2 synthesizer).

To these three sections you can add effects (chorus, delay, wah, flanger, tremolo, reverb ...)

The Operating Your very easy even for a novice: each button has a function and you do not get lost in endless submenus.
In 30 seconds you can stack such a grand piano, a Rhodes, 2 B3, a sample of violin and a wave wave, make changes in sounds, add multiple effects to a reverb, start the arpeggiator on a sounds, assign any effects to the modulation wheel or after touch, splitting the keyboard ...

In short it is powerful, thoughtful and quick to implement. It is a formidable stage keyboard, robust and relatively lightweight (18kg for 88 keys). Regarding its use in the studio, he perfectly fulfilled his duties as master keyboard with integrated usb midi. All controls send a message noon, which means they can be assigned to any function of your DAW.

The manual is very quick read (only about fifty pages) and contains everything you need to know. Anyway the keyboard is so intuitive that the manual is on the edge of superfluous :)


As for sounds, which first strikes are the pianos. Just incredible! It breathes, it lives and could spend hours listening to the string resonance. One can only feel inspired when our hands touch the keyboard. By far the best that I have been given to listen!

The organs are also very good, with the opportunity to play with all the drawbars to shape the sound to our liking. leslie simulation did a good job and percussive effects are well rendered.

The rhodes are quality even if they do not transcend the originals.

Finally the synthesis part, I will not dwell much on the subject because I have not tested all the possibilities. In all cases there is plenty to do, everything is at hand and the creation / editing sounds is really easy! Small detail, you can import your own samples, but keep in mind that only have one velocity layer ... realistic level we have seen better.

The touch keyboard is as it was a good compromise between a piano and a touch touch organ. touch is heavy enough to enable nuanced play the piano (the excellent dynamics should help!), and light enough to allow good velocity for organs.

Caution, however, the keyboard is pretty noisy!


I use it for 3 months and I never tire of it! even though we toured the functions fast enough finally, the architecture of the beast pushes us to be creative to find OUR sound. Moreover, it is possible to download new piano sounds and new samples from Clavia's website.

Just for comparison of touch, I have a Yamaha p-95 and feel of the latter is more "realistic" for a pianist that the Nord Stage 2 88.

The machine is a little expensive but considering it will last you quite some time, you return to your costs ;)
Attention all the same: the Nord Stage is not a workstation and does not have the vocation. If you are looking for a workstation, go your way!

I would do this choice 1000 times if I have a chance!