Clavia Nord Stage 2 88
Clavia Nord Stage 2 88

Nord Stage 2 88, Digital Synth from Clavia in the Nord Stage 2 series.

jym62 06/26/2013

Clavia Nord Stage 2 88 : jym62's user review

«  Built for LIVE »

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6 octave keyboard (Mi Mi)
4 banks with 128 sounds (replaceable)
Modulation effects, reverb, distortion, delay, all editable.
Controllers Pitch Bend, mollete for morphing
USB and MIDI connections
Editing parameters thanks to software not provided CLAVIA


Great for the scene because editing in real time (buttons, knobs, ...)
Clear manual, but the forums are trsè used (see website NORD STAGE USER)
The sounds are not entered in the parameters of the machine (or KORG ROLAND style), everything is done manually by turning the knobs until "SOUND" is found.


Are the most realistic and organs are used (FARFISA, HAMMOND B3, VOX), acoustic piano (wonderful!) And electrical (RHODES, MArk 1-4, Wurlitzer). On synth sounds, I find too vintage for my taste.
It really changes other workstations (though I have a kronos)


I use on stage and in the studio, especially the sounds of piano and organ. For synths, I use other keyboards.
What I like about this keyboard is more than color, ease of use LIVE, and realistic sounds of piano and organ. Also, the morphing for drastic change parameters of a sound without changing the program.

I would do this choice