Korg microStation
Korg microStation

microStation, Digital Synth from Korg in the micro series.

Malette Baldwin 12/03/2010

Korg microStation : Malette Baldwin's user review

" Highly recommend"

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61 mini keys (must be used!)
Its too .. Bass, Piano, Synth, Guitar, Voice, Lead, huge drum kit ...
Each sound can be changed in real time, plus you can edit your own sounds and save them ..
Several effects such as cut, resonance, delay, etc. ..
Combi mode where you can play up to 16 sounds at the same time Split the keyboard in different ways ...
Sequencer 16 tracks (high performance), quantification (realigned the sound), loop recording ...
There are 2 mode arpeggiator (over umpteen different arpeggio assignable to a sound)


I warn everyone, I wanted to give my opinion because I searched a lot of forum and I did not find, so here goes ... I'm not a musician, but passionate at the base, I made the beats (Rap) on MPC 1000 and I was looking for a keyboard, with a wide range of sound, more changeable, to vary my instrument (chorus, etc.. ...). So I turned to VSAT, without really knowing what to expect, and frankly I'm very happy, very easy handling, user employs a simple, rapid creation, etc ...
Basically I had focused on Gaia roland juno thence, I did not really .. ....


The sounds are deep, we find all the classic sounds, pianos, bass, guitar .. etc. ... over there quite a nap, and especially a wide choice in drumkits ...
effects are very realistic, one can start with a bass sound and fiddling away with a slick dark, a sound guitard dry it can happen to a synth heavy, etc. .... everything is adjustable at will, so it's nice ..
After, as this is only the second keyboard I have (before I had the roland SK500) I can not say it's better than this ... or if
I made several tutorial for those like me who wanted to know a little about how it was used ..

The purpose of these tutorial are really about how you can quickly make a sound with its VSAT .. in the latter, in the end I put his own once resequenced using cubase ..


Very good machine, I remake my purchase with no problem ...

the +: sequencer, multi track very convenient to easily create instruments ..
Direct effects assignable ...
The sound in general (a broad choice ....)

The -: Too bad he does is not an integrated sampler, if somebody know the same kind of synth with a sampler built, please let me know I sold my MPC and my MicroStation to acquire ... !!
Too bad we can not export the sound track by track direct wave (ressampler have any in the MPC and all go via the USB plug into the computer for resequence in Cubase) ... taf a Titan but not impossible and if it kills, it's really worth it .. except with software you can do, I am not yet addressed above (too complex to first printing)
I hope I was clear enough for everyone ... Big up to Audiofanzine