Roland JUNO-G
Roland JUNO-G

JUNO-G, Digital Synth from Roland in the Juno series.

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Roland JUNO-G : Anonymous 's user review


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Synth 5 octaves with a controller which modulation and pitch.
Connects to industry, 128 voice poly ... etc etc ... (see the official website: p)
An impressive number of sounds (but also an impressive number of sounds useless and unusable my taste)
4 audio tracks as well ... but you buy a synth for MIDI eh? (And to see how the guitars make the synth: a joke (despite the 78 presets Varis little anyway) connect the PC with a large jack-converter mini jack and rendering is the same ... if cot is the audio you are interested in the juno g. .. buy an audio interface!

But despite some attractive CHARACTERISTICS ... unfortunately, it changes little from synths we have on the market today ... and that damn feeling that stagnates at the roland sound is particularly frustrating. ..
Yamaha clearly gives the impression of modified without stop (not yet j'tais party to lean towards the yamaha sounds, but must admit that is.)


Trs trs intuitive, it's no problem, we change the sounds without any problems navigating in the menus just trs (large hand over the quality of the screen, just standard) is cr e its sounds easy etc etc ...
The ease of use is exemplary and the screen plays a crucial role ...
Caution in full manual in English (in french edition expected by some time, ask your dealer, normally it gratos (still happy you might say)
I will not dwell on the point since there is no reproach.
The simplicity caractrise further juno G that quality.


Well, here we are, I think the big downside ... dailleurs existential darkness.
The realism of certain sounds is city insert (I think the violins and the following sounds: Gang Strange and Syn Opra)
But the problem is that hundreds of sounds on offer (again my opinion) take a clearly techno (trs of bad-quality-sound unclassifiable and lctriques mdiocres-going square ment with sound effects! it's great: 1000 to hear a dog aboit, a car that crashed, a door that opens ... but oh no roland Bravo!
And the fashion these days: you press a button it's been the music (this is common with all the synths I have yamaha test (I'm not talking about the Korg TR, I jou not above)
I find even more to my words ... evokes the 'quality (?) Sounds on offer ...
On the VLOC to capture all the subtleties of the sounds, it is advisable to activate it, but what price ... it is not natural at all my taste, as it is forced is not permitted by the effects cons are correct.
Based on patches (which I reviewed 100 times) I have a special affection for the violin (hats off) and some fall quite successful overall.
As against the SRX are trs convincing ... but 300 more per card to enjoy the synth here's what ...

A word about sound audio dj presents:
The young lady who is "um oh yeah, can u dig a girl like me? I think i love you ..." loop and its partner does not know that "yeah k'mon! uh uh" ... frankly it sounds with those they hope to convince the public? (Dailleurs we hear in the videos in BMD.)
I t also a bit of quality in terms of patterns from the dynamic again, Yamaha MO6. But none of trs marking either, let's say it was not really that EHJV in juno G.

(I'm certainly severe trs in my rating is subjective Obviously it is only my opinion and my tastes. Try it, do not rely totally on my personal appreciation, but think what I say I am not far from the goal trs ...)


How long have you use it?

I speak in the pass I sold (and yes dj), so I used one week (I've certainly not seen everything, but the 3 / 4 of what I have seen no I was not given a clear desire to continue playing it).
I read on a forum someone said that the juno g sounded less than the pro YAMAHA MO6 ... and I confirm! It stinks of full ears superficial, no depth, no expression for 9/10me ... it sounds hollow, it any, trs is disappointing, I expected for so long, well it's the slap in the wrong direction ... the term

Dmonstrations in the video on the official website ( reflect the quality trs well overall synth note c ' well, they could lie, but not what we are the sounds!

though I am saying is that BMD but not etc etc ... and no!
3 videos of roland on the official website (above) are not sufficient to reach the ankle BMD YAMAHA MO6
No, frankly, for a hundred dollars more, I highly recommend TRS which is precisely the MO6 much warmer sound in color, although BMD in orientating techno, it offers a depth not negligible (and I'm not pro yamaha at all, I test today)

(And then what do they have our manufacturers we refourguer sound effects in our synths? Is a modern music?)

I will return to correct any errors on this opinion, maybe a little post on a whim, but there is nothing better than whim to bring out the (sad) vrit!