Roland JV-1000
Roland JV-1000

JV-1000, Digital Synth from Roland in the JV series.

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fzik 06/21/2006

Roland JV-1000 : fzik's user review


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- Keyboard 76 keys
- Grand ERRF the JV-80
- Function keys matre (a, it does not say it enough!)
- Squenceur: about 40,000 marks
- 1 MIDI Out Seq taken three additional usual to treat share squenceur give the module synthtiseur.
- In Multi mode, with 8 faders and buttons, the possibility of ordering, live, DIFFERENT rglages sound (volume, patch, pan, tune ...) on the range of eight internal tone that can composed a multi + rglages the other synths that are controlled by the JV-1000 (volume, pan, tune, transpose ...)
- Module synth module squenceur left and right. Both modules are well trs Difference on the work plan.
- Floppy drive to save the squenceur.
- Multi-effect: reverb and chorus (switchable on / off directly "Live" since its panel CONTRL)


Trs sounds are good (the same type as the rest of the JV SERIES).
It is very easy to grip.
I use it primarily for its function of "matre Keyboard" which is a major advantage of this keyboard.
I also used his Strings, Voices, bass and drums (mostly perceived).
The keyboard of 76 keys is the second asset. Spilt is making a rgal.
I used a lot in multitimbral mode.


If you are looking for classic sounds of pianos, basses, leads, voices, guitar finally sounds current, it will fill you with joy. Just costing any unit from the JV SERIES, to get an ide.
Sound consists of 4 Parts, and DIFFERENT parramtres (volume, filter, rsonnance, pan ...) are adjustable in "Live", thanks to that same PROCD Describes above, for Multis (Performance Roland).


Bizarre, I am the first DPOS notice ... no possde this synth?

I find this synth great. I bought it in 1994, mainly for its large keyboard, and I later his Discoveries ct "Keyboard Matre."
It helps me control all my machines, it's really a great synth.

I do not think I can put it in the closet one day, it is the "plate" rotating my "home studio".

If I had to do it again? I think I'll take it again!