Roland XP-80
Roland XP-80

XP-80, Digital Synth from Roland in the XP series.

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JimboSpins 12/09/2012

Roland XP-80 : JimboSpins's user review

"Vintage anyone?"

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The Roland XP-80 was one of the main keyboards that Roland produced when it came out. It has 3 effect processors with over 40 different effects. Most of the main effects that liked were distortion, reverb, and ring modulation. You can use this keyboard as a MIDI controller too. This keyboard is great for electro music, dance, and even some techno. It has a built in arp that you can do wonders with, I loved working with the arp and effects; I was able to get some really cool sounds. There are over 500 presets on the XP-80 right out of the box.


The keys are velocity sensitive on the XP-80; they feel well made and will hold up for a long time. Most of these units that are still being sold online still look great even though they were made over 10 years ago. You can save up to 128 user patches and 2 drumkits on this keyboard.


The XP-80 has 64 voices polyphony and 4 oscillators per voice. It has over 100 patterns are loaded that you can use to play along with. All of your sounds are easy to go through and can be manipulated quickly and easily. This keyboard has great sounds that will fit many different styles of music. Using this synth is simple as well, it does not take along to figure it out and start using it like a pro.


All of the sounds are pretty realistic, there are a few that make you kind of scratch your head and wonder who really would use it. But with some effects and patience you can pretty much use any sound to your advantage. I have always loved getting vintage keyboards because they still have great potential and you can get them for a great price; a price that people would have loved to get them for when they first came out.