Roland XP-80
Roland XP-80

XP-80, Digital Synth from Roland in the XP series.

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Denilune 07/19/2004

Roland XP-80 : Denilune's user review


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A touch of enjoyable trs 76 notes. the keys are sensitive but easy to replace ...


The ingnieurs of Roland are probably a little crush headphone :-) It's been ages since we know how ergonomics, intelligent, logical and user-friendly but not at home!
you have to work a lot to digest their Systm when one is not accustomed to ...


The sounds become ralistes bluffing on expansion cards!
no major default of the ct ...
effects correct expression of the perfect keyboard ...
sounds tend to miss just personality (this is also what allows them to be "boilerplate")


It is possible to find a workstation 76 keys ultra complte a sound point of view of a dot squenceur interresting to the extent that it allows the squence enchantment! (No need to load the intgralit a floppy disk that immobilizes the engine for 30 seconds).
trs good machine scne amount of points (click output for drummers, squenceur, change of sound that does not mutate the Previous !!!....)