Roland AX-Synth
mrcroche 08/23/2011

Roland AX-Synth : mrcroche's user review

«  damage whatsoever Roland ... »

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the idea of ​​a remake is awesome keytar
but ultimately I would have liked to have more controllers more ...

the bend and modulation bar is not too bad ... but the definition of Dbeam is so ridiculous that can not really use it ... especially if there is too much light ... and buttons and knobs on the back of the neck require a little practice ...

there are 256 sounds + 8 special non-editable ... 128voix polyphony. (Very good)
but hey: there are 10 to be used.

in general ... and in terms of sound, it does not exceed a JV30-1990s ... Roland did not progress in one of his last 20 years ...
it sounds noon, and very short (you can hear the loop)
Sound editing is very limited effects, volume, and LFO controllers ... style "general midi" ... Roland thank you! this m. .. in 2011
special sounds are dethroned by any sampler 1990s.
Roland thank you again! this m. .. in 2011


everything is so easy that I wish I had more reading (notice) of the beast ...


sounds are clearly bad and people MIDI, but you can control 'nimporte any machine with the AX-synth, so it's no big deal ... the only positive is that to say, the instrument may be sufficient to itself: one branch and we play ...

I find the keyboard too reactive with little race to the synth-ax is editable on the other happily and VST synth ... (Pianists must caress the keys, otherwise it is only the strong)


I use it for 1 week, there is no equivalent right now, so that's why I ...

and still, although I laugh with:) but it's a cheap piece of cake ... to the General MIDI (typical)