Roland D-10
Roland D-10

D-10, Digital Synth from Roland.

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Marc66s 01/19/2004

Roland D-10 : Marc66s's user review


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No sequencer


As a novice the era I was able to fend for himself. So no complaints.


Cot sounds, and although I have a tonn more by listening to what I managed to get out.


How many of us beginners on this machine or in the same range ....
If I had not been a novice in 1989, acquisition date, I probably would not cost the advice of a "vendor store", my advice to the D-10 and a squenceur Alesis MMT 8 (which crashed all the time for that matter) rather than a D-20. Of course, the notes must be placed in the context of the time. At this price and with these the possibility, there were not many people. And although it is synth Exceeds a technological point of view, although I have sold .... well I'm nostalgic what!
Remain good goal. Ca acoustic sound level is a joke compared M1. But he had a sound him I quite agree with other opinions. Above all, it could be programmed. Always compare an M1 or a consort, with the pcm, the analog waves, resonant filters, the algorythnes, well you could put his two cents. What I'm getting at is that a lot of manufacturers could take a little example. I had subsequently more expensive machines, with supposedly more possibilities ... and yet I could not help them to think programa D-10: for me there 'was no possibility.