Roland D-10
Roland D-10

D-10, Digital Synth from Roland.

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ZeeByeZon 05/12/2003

Roland D-10 : ZeeByeZon's user review


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Synth 5 octaves, all that is more standard in terms of collection outdoor.
Emagic SoundDiver used with it better than the buttons and the screen on the front.
Product details ...


Configuration is done using menus on the front with a small notch of 2 lines. Trs is not enjoyable ...
Comfort made from the edition of the sounds is pretty simple once you have assimilated the principle of sound synthse. I was 13 when I got it, I was not a problem of pos (APRS have read the manual well sr).
The manual (in two volumes, a simple and complete) trs is really good.


Ah yes ba, forcment is not because there is labeled piano (hihi) or guitar (hahahaaa) ...
Eyes closed, it's not always easy to reconnatre instrument :-)

on the other hand, if you want to DLIR and rap or techno or even the festive song with electronic sounds original, no probme! 4 indpendants oscillators per voice (called "partials" on the device), a system that ring modulation (AM modulation), filter rsons, an LFO and three envelopes per oscillator, there's all it takes.
The sound is unique. The filter has a sound all its own, a sound like an easy tone of voice, it is curious ...


I have since 1988 or 1989, did so ... wow 15 years!
I do not use hardly (forcment, now I have lots of other stuff ...).

What may be the use of this device today?
<ul> Keyboard matre
Sound module, provided they have other, because it alone is too typbr /> Synth on scne for electro example, or associated with a Leslie for Cheap organ </ul>
In fact it is still usable, well, I'll show :-)