Roland XP-50
Roland XP-50

XP-50, Digital Synth from Roland in the XP series.

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omer_fr 08/16/2003

Roland XP-50 : omer_fr's user review


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I had one for a few annnées: keyboard plastok execrable (the sound of keys covered my game late at night ..) super sonnoritée when you use it in monotimbral in multi is miserable: his uniform, homogeneous , dégeu .. probably also because of the reverb / chorus an insert; limiter and compressor gadget; metal filter and dangerous for eardrums: the cutoff frequency affects you a one of two sliders to the left of the keyboard and your interest has to be careful (headphone and medium / tweeter of your speakers) when you handle the, he returned to distortion in an aggressive manner (I jumped in full time / hello tinnitus ..) screen 2 times 2-line 32-character ( recalls MIGS) lame low despite the purchase of 4 cards srjv (tekno, vintage drum & b, hip hop!) otherwise exellent souvenir tablecloths rich and powerful (successor to the D50) (working in a little I found the big water deadly song "Timeless" by Goldie ..), to finish well drumsets into the idea completely but crunches once passed through the algorithm of storage (808 and 909 sounded limit Bontempi commece c) (as much for digital!) Finally, good hours of fun but a bad memory of the LCD and the near impossibility of programming ..... especially the abscence of separate outputs: with another LCD, a matrix effect worthy of the name, reading samples, and a "real" voice polyphony 64 minimum (I arrived often enormously flight paths) could have been one best! (Assuming that it is a digital course ..)
Ah, I forgot (even if I am not fond of the sounds), the guitars are a qualitée exeptionnelle, the most beautiful to me have seen this type of machine, even with those today (sad ) of my newt (not being an amateur at the time I caught a sequencer riffs CARREMENT realistic! ..) and electric pianos like suitcase, stage MKII (bought by roland rhodes) very nice when tickled my ears (in contrast filter which gave them me flinguées !!!).

* Something has taken even on occasion (in 4000balles) (it is still largely a place of large face m. .. they dare sell you new today), especially for fans of Garnier, Carl Cox ScanX and even with I found patches of crude stripping / untouched in its hugely composed and others (requires JV1080) and the unlimited banks of patches and really "new"
to glean on the web so the 1080 has been used! (much more prolific than MY POOR TRITON!) which cost me a lot more expensive and I only found 64 patches gentiement provided by a moderator Korg France in two years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Not a racing machine but a "legendary" as her ultra rack version used in the world, if it is in good condition get it anyway, it has some beautiful stamps and a "grain" of its own ..