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  • Pioneer DJM-500

    Pioneer DJM-500 - "Do not buy it" has images


    yes UTILIZATION faders go hard , great rustling background SOUNDS something very strange happens mixers Pioneer ... not the first time I see that change their behavior as obsolete. when are we going well, but as time passes, everything sou…

  • Power Acoustics PMP 803 s

    Power Acoustics PMP 803 s - " Very good console"


    3 models / POWER 803/803R/803S Rack-mountable: Yes Connection options: RCA/JACK/DIN (for the starts) Master out 1 and out 2, one record output, input 1 and input 2, light show output 4 mic/line, 3 phono/line with start, one DJ deck with presence …

  • Numark M3

    Numark M3 - "Upgrade it"


    The Numark M3 is a 2 channel mixer that is more of a table top style of mixer for someone who is just starting out. It only cost 100 dollars and is made out of good materials for it to be that price. The cross fader could use some work though, I don’…

  • Numark C3USB

    Numark C3USB - "great for a starter mixer"


    The Numark C3USB is a 5 channel mixer that has a 3 band EQ on each channel. You can rack the Numark C3USB up and it will take up 4 rack spaces. The Numark C3USB has no MIDI ins outs or controls on it but it does have 6 stereo RCA line inputs, 3 ster…

  • Denon DJ DN-X1600

    Denon DJ DN-X1600 - "It is good, but the cross fader is not so good"


    The Denon DN-X1600 is a 4 channel mixer that is on the higher end of the price scale from Denon mixers. It has USB and MIDI in and out connections on it, you can also use it on your PC or your Mac. The Denon DN-X1600 has over 14 effects on, all of t…

  • Ecler HAK 360

    Ecler HAK 360 - "Battle Time!"


    Ecler HAK 360 is a well built high quality DJ mixer that cost over 600 dollars. The price seems high but you will get your money’s worth right away! It has a 3 band EQ and weights around 12 pounds. This mixer is gear more for the battling DJ. That is…

  • Rane TTM 57SL

    Rane TTM 57SL - "You must have this if you are a live DJ"


    The Rane TTM 57 SL is a high quality DJ Mixer with an interface all in one unit. This mixer works with the software called Serato which I am very familiar with. There are a lot of effects that come right on the mixer! This unit is perfect for the mob…

  • JB Systems Compact

    JB Systems Compact - "Talk over function"


    The JB Systems compact is a 3 audio channel mixer with a DJ mic input with the ability to control your levels and talk over the music. It has 2 stereo channels as well as a headphones level control. This unit cost me about 140 USD , and I purchased i…

  • Ecler MAC90I

    Ecler MAC90I - "Classic mixer feel to it"


    The Ecler MAC90 has 3 phono inputs, 5 low line inputs, 4 high line inputs, and 4 Mic inputs which was plenty for what my group needed at the time. Each individual channel has separate level and gain control , this mixer has phantom power in case you …

  • Pioneer DJM-250

    Pioneer DJM-250 - "Plenty Features"


    The Pioneer DJM 250 K has two independent filters and most of the features come from the upgraded model of the DJM 250K which is the DJM 900 which is a very high end unit and it cost a lot more. All of the basic functions are easy to access. This is …