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  • Gemini DJ UMX-9

    Gemini DJ UMX-9 - "Used it for less than a year and loved working with it."


    Using the DJ Gemini UMX-9 was a very good experience for me, the reason that I purchased it was because I needed a good quality mixer for the time being and I couldn’t afford a high end one so I chose to go with the Gemini UMX-9. The UMX-9 has 3 ster…

  • Pioneer DJM-350

    Pioneer DJM-350 - "Good!"


    The Pioneer DJM-350 is Pioneer's entry level two-channel mixer. Pioneer has been known as the standard when it comes to professional club DJ setups and this unit keeps to that. For being an entry level product however, this feels pretty professional.…

  • Numark DM 1050

    Numark DM 1050 - "A Very Simple Mixer"


    The Numark Dm1050 is a entry level mixer, great for a beginning DJ who could be easily overwhelmed by loads of equipment and buttons and lights. This unit is incredibly simpe and has very few bells and whistles. It has 2 phono/line switchable inputs …

  • Reloop Scratch 2

    Reloop Scratch 2 - "Really good mixer for it's price"


    I could repeat the product specs, but i will just adress a few things that weren't mentioned. -It's a budget rip-off of the vestax pmc 07(nicely done though) -The line faders are 45 mm, not 60 mm -The crossfader is super smooth (more on that late…

  • Chesley / Freevox  M7001

    Chesley / Freevox M7001 - "iám looking for aan users guide fo Chesley Freevox m7001"


    Iám looking for a users guide for Chesley Freevox M7001. Who can help me, and send one to me by mail. UTILIZATION Iám looking for a users guide for Chesley Freevox M7001. Who can help me, and send one to me by mail. SOUNDS Iám looking for a use…

  • Power Acoustics PMP 803 s

    Power Acoustics PMP 803 s - "My first real salary, my first real mixer"


    It's ideal for djs who have CD, vinyl other words, it has inputs. All faders are 100mm, a real pleasure compared to the usual 60mm ones. Nothing superfluous. USE Easy to use SOUND Power remains power. It has a preponderance in the…

  • Behringer DDM4000

    Behringer DDM4000 - yoTrakkz's review


    The Behringer Digital Pro Mixer DDM 4000 is a pretty decent mixer. When I purchased it I was expecting a lot better, I have used other Behinringer products in the past and they have always created affordable products for what you are looking for but …

  • Rane Empath

    Rane Empath - yoTrakkz's review


    The Rane Empath has great parameters that you can chance very easy, no need for the bulky manuals when you get this machine. Its all self explanatory and you will have the hang of it in no time, well in about 30 mins to be exact. Atleast that’s how l…

  • Behringer DDM4000

    Behringer DDM4000 - "For the price it's...well is it even that cheap?"


    Two mic inputs, 3 band eq, beat synced sampler, 4 efx sections, full crossover, midi control, Stereo out. 32 bits. Also has most other standard features you would expect. The beat and BPM features are impressive. Also the crossover features are v…

  • Numark X1USB

    Numark X1USB - "Good beginner's mixer."


    Has your typical line phono connections as well as headphone and microphone jacks. Has USB functionality which is a big selling point for this unit. This is really a mixer with not a lot of frills. Two channels. EQ. Gain. Sub control. This is …