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Korg Kaoss Pad Quad Shipping

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Korg Kaoss Pad Quad
News Korg Kaoss Pad Quad

DJ Effect from Korg belonging to the Kaoss Pad series

Korg's newest installment in the Kaoss line allows the user to select and manipulate up to four effects in real-time using fingertip control on the X-Y touchpad

The Kaoss Pad Quad employs new effects, functions and features that let users create their own combination of Kaoss effects with
simultaneous control of up to four effects using a fingertip on its touchpad. Various audio sources can be processed: an MP3 player, a
mixing board, an instrument or vocals via the units mic input.

As users tap, slide or move their finger across the X-Y touchpad interface, the effect parameters will change, producing transformations
in the sound. The LED touchpad illuminates in a variety of colors, which change depending on the state of the effects, the BPM setting
and hand motions on the touchpad.

Designed to be both usable and playable as an effect processor, the Kaoss Pad Quad allows the user to control up to four effects from
the touchpad. Each of the four effect modules Looper, Modulation, Filter and Delay/Reverb contains five options (plus a module kill),
for a total of 1,295 combinations. Effects are chosen from the front panel for access during live performance. By rhythmically adding
successive effects, or switching effects on and off as a song progresses, the Kaoss Pad Quad can add variation and development to
the structure of a song.

Another feature is the Freeze button. For each of the four effect modules, Freeze memorizes the position at which the user was last
touching the touchpad, freezing the state that effect was last in, even after release of the finger. By touching the touchpad again while
Freeze is enabled, only the unfrozen effects will be controlled.

In addition to more traditional effects (flanger, low/high-pass filter, delay and reverb), the Kaoss Pad Quad offers new types of
  • Multi-Mode Looper for looping a part of a song; the number of beats is controlled by the location touched. Three types of looping are provided: the standard Looper, the Rev Looper (Reverse Looper which plays the looped phrase backward) and the Loop Slicer, which divides the phrase and lets the loop-play only a specific portion. Additionally, users can switch between the different looper types by sliding their finger up and down the touchpad as the loop plays.
  • Vinyl Break turntable effects, which allow users to create standard turntable rotation effects, including scratching, slow-down/speed up, stop and more.
  • Ducking Comp, creating effects of a ducking compressor.
  • The Auto BPM engine detects the tempo/BPM of the song that’s playing or the audio source. Users can also use the BPM knob to make fine adjustments. Alternatively, the BPM can be set manually using the Tap Tempo function.

Pricing & Availability
The Korg Kaoss Pad Quad Dynamic Effects Processor is now available with a U.S. MSRP of $350.00.

For more information, visit www.korg.com.
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