MULTIDIM MKII DMX, DMX Dimming Pack from Showtec.

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gastonlagratt 12/10/2012

Showtec MULTIDIM MKII DMX : gastonlagratt's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent
I use it for almost 2 years.

Big minus: the sockets of standard German taken when it was taken as the old me impossible to insert without changing the tip.

Not really big plus, it is plug and play and easy to speak, like a dimmer base must be what ...

Annoying thing in my opinion: the channel status LEDs whose light output is proportional to the signal being sent. To squeaker squeaker, this is nice, but the discretion is not won at full power as it illuminates a small flashlight ...

I use in parallel on the RVE prestas Cube, obviously there is no need to even make a comparison. Curve graduation Cube is better defined, it sends less noise in electrical distribution and has individual protection per channel, but it is a pro camera and it's not the same price.

One of the cheapest in its class, the present Showtec still in my opinion a great value and a good reliable and efficient device that wants a basic 4 channel dimmer without taking the head pro aspects. Mine works perfectly and has never given any sign of weakness.

So in summary, good product for basic use I make I would do this choice without hesitation. If I want something more professional, I would look at RVE.