Epiphone Inspired by 1964 Texan
Epiphone Inspired by 1964 Texan

Inspired by 1964 Texan, Dreadnought Steel String Guitar from Epiphone in the Texan series.

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lgorra 09/11/2010

Epiphone Inspired by 1964 Texan : lgorra's user review

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For technical details, see the previous opinion.
Leaving the cardboard guitar, what surprises most is his weight. The internal construction (heels, dams ...) seems to be reinforced concrete .. what will inevitably feel the sound.

A special mention for the spruce top, which is splendid and the pattern of chenille and regular end is worthy of a guitar very very high end.
Version of "vintage natural" orange varnish gives it the appearance of a cedar ... which is actually a bit unfortunate as it is rare to see a spruce as well selected, especially at this price!.
The mahogany back (solid please!) Is carved from one piece (not bookmatché). Without being ugly, this is not the most beautiful I have ever seen (the color is a little on the red rather than brown, and it is not speckled with black like some varieties) . Binding was plastic cream (usually at Gibson, and finally quite nice), but the nuts are bone.
Finally, preamp shadow in the rose .. I am repeating myself, but at this price point, it's madness!


For me, the handle is standard, but comfortable. Those who are off are probably used to playing on electric.

On leaving the board, the action is very high, but the trussrod is effective (not something lousy like on some models and more ...); and is accessed by the head (not common in this price range ) and the allen wrench is provided. In two or three turns of the key, it returns easily to a more acceptable level (2.5 mm low E 12th box, and just over 1mm high E which is low). And then, magically, it does not frieze! ... For it is true that setting yourself what type of guitar industrially manufactured in China often turns into a nightmare (twisted neck, not visible to the naked eye but generates intractable problems when one plank is not luthier). So here, bravo!


In terms of pure projection, the Texan can not compete with a Dreadnought (by far). Blame the format (less bass with square shoulders), but mostly very rigid construction, which results Therefore a weight and bridle a bit of wood vibration.

I did not open in two, but the dam is apparently not reduced as a martin. The sound is compressed, which constrains power, but provides a lot of balance in the registers. Frequencies do not swirl and do not overlap (the sound of dreadnought-beam is powerful lightweight and flattering, but also a bit messy). Here, each string produces a sharp and distinct, just like a bell.

After the first surprise to see a guitar of this size lack of volume, I find it particularly relevant and sound nice, especially for the game by picking.

In electro, the result is excellent and very natural for a piezo pickup under saddle.


I think this model is almost exhausted. But if you want a good acoustic / electric guitar in this format "Slope Shoulder", the value for money is unbeatable.

The sound of compressed audio players destined instead of picking who will love its accuracy and balance. Those who seek above all the power will be disappointed.