cbrives 12/05/2012

Taylor 110 : cbrives's user review

«  The best in this price for my taste. »

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I'll let you visit the merchants for details of features, why make a copy and paste. The noteworthy points are probably handle very flat and very comfortable, I honed the action following the information booklet supplied with the guitar, and then arched back. The guys who try are always surprised by the contact of the bottom of the box.


It is a very light guitar, it looks like construction for aeronautics. In short, everything is made to sound.


I used to play folk and also more things ... anything else? How different, I love instrumental Gustavo Santaolalla for example. She has a very bright sound, especially if you keep up with the Elixir nanoweb, the original equipment of the era.


Purchase in 2005 so 7 years in my hands. To buy I had the chance a music store and can accept Grenoble to settle in an isolated room with guitars of my choice then I proceeded by elimination. I remember asking a half-day to avoid the hustle and bustle of Saturday. I also remember the selection of brands in the same budget. An electro Martin, a Guild, then a Yamaha Taylor. This is a really good memory these past two hours and I invite you to do the same. Good music.