MGR/ASH 11/28/2004

Taylor 110 : MGR/ASH's user review

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Purchased from Cherry Hill Guitar Center for $500. I play mostly electric, but wanted a decent acoustic guitar to play when I don't have an amp around when I travel

I love the wooden neck. Other guitars in the range $500-$600 did not have the a wooden neck. This guitar is the perfect weight comes setup with very well. Once again other guitars in this price range were much heavier.

The fact that the back does not have a brace.

Ignoring the Taylor motto of "quality guitars," this guitar shows signs of great craftsmenship. The guitar has a laminate top and plastic binding. I looked for about an hour combing over every detail, but was unable to find a single flaw in this guitar. The 110 is full bodied acoustic that has tonal qualities of its more expensive Taylor lines.

This guitar is excellent right out of the box. It comes with a taylor gig bag that had thick padding and a large pouch. THe guitar has good quality tone. It comes with Elixer nanoweb light strings that reelly make this guitar sing. I would recommend this as a first acoustic for someone who is serious about playing guitar or as a second guitar to have around.

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