Taylor 110 : Anonymous 's user review


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Scale 650mm width at nut 43mm (this is the best rating that is in my opinion)
Made in Mexico, with obvious cost-saving research as in the finish ... simple as in the choice of materials: it is not I will remove the idea that it's tusq lambda plastic despite all About dythirambiques we hear everywhere on the web, rope end into the tusq by digging and sound loses a lot. I intend to put the bone.
the action is a little high, I have the 1.5mm down for better playability.


the handle is nice although 10mm longer than my ovation but with a width at nut 43mm which suits me well. form from C and ends in D. patina handle polishes quickly playing, which facilitates the movement not so obvious to First utilisation.L 'access to acute is that of a dreadnought and the sound is really nice, shiny, powerful with a slight lack of low in my opinion.


Impec for Britsh 60s pop-rock and folk.


A week, ie 40 hours.
no regrets.