Kustomer 02/06/2004

Taylor Big Baby Taylor : Kustomer's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
As the name suggests, Big Baby is a version of "shortened" between the standard size of a big concert and 3 / 4. So it is expected to hold a toy that will sound a little dry. Mistake, doctor.

Thanks its sheer size, it actually fits naturally and love in the arms of the player. Her dress is natural and satin varnish so fine as you think absent. It is a delight to the eye and smooth to the touch.

Taylor is the bill, or so almost everything, exudes quality. But since it's a small price, around 450, the rigid tui other models is replaced by a rather nice gig-bag, solid-colored stamp of the brand.

Mahogany body and pica table, rosewood key, the newly purchased MODEL felt a little wood Frache assembled. Since it works smoothly and the sound a little steep at beginners, and is gradually rounded into heat.


The handle consists of 20 boxes esr including 14 non-cash, despite a pitch lgrement infrieur normal. It's happiness under the fingers. was not moving and the height of my rope got is perfect. You can play it for hours without tiring, as sometimes happens on MODELS dreadnought.
The truss-rod of rglage is located from a Lumire indoor prs edge of the rosette.

Ct sound, acoutique is quite surprising. Although sr has no plans to break windows, but in a purely acoustic set will not be drowned or certainly not ridiculous. For my part, I brought up a simple static pickup and lctro, has worked well even without rsultats qualisation.

Question spectral balance, I see that can compete with Big Baby in this price range, of course.


APRS trying several sets of strings DIFFERENT, this guitar has stopped my choice on a set Elixir 10/47. Normally I go harder on acoustic, because I like her a frank and prcis (and routinely).
But here, it's useless. Go beyond will bring nothing better in the sounds and the game will be less boards. Also the game Elixir with its corrosion resistant layer provides a smooth, which softens the first months of this young guitar.

We can play with almost any instrument. However, the game only agreements may dplaire use. His field of play Relva plutt dtach or folk accents.


Overall, this guitar is sold for a guitar study. Duly noted. Well, for once it really the right word, and must be taken in its best sense.

Lgre, well made, robust and versatile guitar is THE advise beginners motivated to report qualitprix ease of play and Indeed I know many teachers who pr conisent and is one of them that I did it despite my discovering prjugs Reduces idiots on this format.

Even if I possde others, it is a choice I would do without hsiter and I continue to advise, not just for beginners ...