MGR/Craig 06/30/2003

Taylor Big Baby Taylor : MGR/Craig's user review

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This guitar was my first guitar. My mom got it for me at Georges Music for my birthday (I picked it out). I stumbled upon it because it was made in USA and I desperately wanted something made here. I think I paid about $350 for the unit which came with a gig bag. Don't be fooled either the bag is a nice bag, not like thos crappy Ibanez bags.

I think that this is typical of all Taylors. Its light, balanced, with a low action. The wood is a laminate so it won't crack as easily, and the neck is big enough for full sized hands. In fact, I didn't realize that this guitar was a scaled down dreadnaught until about a month after I got it. The value of this model is just incredible. Even my guitar teacher is jealous.

The only things I can complain about in this guitar is that it came with cheap strings. I have since replaced the strings with USA made Martin phosphor bronze strings and the guitar has never sounded better.

Taylors use a thinner wood in their guitars. Even still Taylor has compensated for this by adding more interior bracing. The thinner construction allows the body of the guitar to help amplify the sound further, and thus making the guitar sound fuller and richer despite its smaller size. The back of the guitar is contoured so it fits nicely against your body. The frets rarely buzz unless you try to make them. The neck is bolt on, so you can put heavy strings on it without breaking the guitar.

This guitar rules. It played as well as the 550 dollar Takamine that I almost bought and its made in USA. This taylor is ready to take on any guitar well into the $700 range. Don't let the small size fool you, this guitar packs a big punch for its size, and an even bigger value. (whew)

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