Dave Smith Instruments Tempest

Tempest, Drum Machine from Dave Smith Instruments.

Mr FILF 05/02/2012

Dave Smith Instruments Tempest : Mr FILF's user review

« Perfect! »

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The best. It doesn't lie on paper nor to the ears.
No editor, but is it really necessary?
I would've preferred a wider palette of preset analog sounds.


If you have some analog background, the creation process goes fast. It took me two evenings to create my first sound.
I have only consulted the manual when I get stuck in a particular point.
Editing sounds is incredible, it's its main strength.


The sound is perfect. I have Maschine and I'm spoiled in terms of sample quantities. I loved Its analog touch right from the start, it makes me smile just to mention it.
Picking the Tempest, is picking a product that meets your expectations.
For samples, go for Octotrack or Maschine. When it comes to analog, there is already a clear winner...


I've been using the Tempest for a week.
Here's the third song I've done with it (I'm limited to 16T while I await the update):
That will give you a glimpse of what it can do.

Here's another sound made solely with the Tempest - after one month of happy use.

I love almost everything to this day, because it meets my expectations. Which means sound design and songwriting without any pseudo-David-Guetta pretensions.
The only snag are the updates, which I must admit don't come that often. But when that gets worked out, this unit will become a reference in its genre.

Its value for money for a 6-voice analog synth is more than correct, despite some people being confused and trying to compare it to analog modeling.

Given my experience with it, would I buy it again? I don't have enough experience with it yet. I will update my review in due time.
I'm nevertheless a happy user while I await two updates that make me salivate.