Dave Smith Instruments Tempest

Tempest, Drum Machine from Dave Smith Instruments.


Dave Smith Instruments Tempest : Anonymous 's user review

«  good machine .. come »

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Direct out / midi / pedal in / usb but not in audio.
satu and compress only in general.
a lot of samples of plants not many "presets" factory.
squenceur 4 steps up 32T not obliged to quantify compounds measures (for now)
no publisher (for now)


First the OS version was very limited (no prcoute long backup system sounds etc) has is improving with updates but there is a LOT to do to make the really powerful thing. USB is not yet ACRIF the undo etc .. not many promised features that are not l. we must look at this post to have an exhaustive list:
PYM is very active on the forum it is he who develops the tempest for DSI. (Rather hefty the guy)
the squenceur is very effective I think. you can program the fly. Last in the OS can prcouter the sounds you want to load and will still be able to amlior be done during playback.
Editing the sounds and the management of the machine in general seems to me frankly effective and well thought thanks to the screen. qq days are enough and a good week to master the whole architecture (FX assignment MODPATH etc ..)


I post a lot of notice dcevant conernant sound.
the machine has four generators. 2 analog tilt and 2 numriques. 2 numriques used for noises and sample bank. Excluding the samples are very VERY das Introduced the tempest of sounds constitution. Custom m'ntresse has not at all. so take a MPC kontakt or for samples. ESPECIALLY we can not import its samples.

I was thinking up what dveloppeur (pym) make some pure analog sound. he promises to release a bank KD SD 100% analog presets. the first I've heard are pretty darn good and enable the use of the tempest FX functions without the proper depitch the sample or perter transients.

some progra I made leave envbisager also that it is a very good analog machine. for performance live FX pad are very powerful and give completely barrs universe and sometimes better than the original beat. it is very cratif.

compressor and distortion have no rglage (except more or less) but they work very well. the architecture is really hefty and approx 5 and the MODPATH allow for much in analog. the only thing to regret is not being able to choose the osc send to the LP or HP. 2 filters are necessarily in series. it would have been interesting to have the samples in the HP to avoid loading the lower spectrum between analog and samples.

so I changed my mind and I'm going to use more this machine by adding sounds personal because those factory does not suit me.
But it is a "risk" DIS released a box "analog" while all basic presets are not: S is also perhaps for only PYM is quite active on the issue and offers released "soon" an analog bank (the minimum right?)

Another cool thing is precisely what pym. dou particulirement a guy and his programing which in addition is very active on the forum and everyone responds the same time he actively develops for the tempest. he takes and discuss all ideas of forumeurs which is very good.


I never liked you travel with a laptop to make ziq. Once back often and because a must redo everything so much vsti and sound mix in the headphones sounds rotten. but I will go well with the tempest because it is fun to program in both sequencer that sound.

I had a boss 909 and I find the sound as punchy with