Dave Smith Instruments Tempest

Tempest, Drum Machine from Dave Smith Instruments.

chloelilou 05/14/2012

Dave Smith Instruments Tempest : chloelilou's user review

«  Prototype unfinished !!!! »

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450 sounds, but not import other sounds.
Very frequent Bug and the effects disappear!


Not really simple to use!
No Publisher! edition only 1/4 Time!
Manual in English only (and it almost 2000 Euros)


The sounds are cold and shallow! The edition is funny but Bad ..
This is not really a groove machine, but enjoyed an early experimental box that I repeat bug very often!
The demo songs are really ridiculous!


The biggest problem right now is that many important software functions are still available! For example, it is not possible to chain patterns together ...
For a "high end" tool that kind of gap is truly unacceptable. No visibility on the date of release of bug fixes and additions of the essential functions either .... DSI opts for the small business excuse, but shamelessly crosses boundaries of political correctness by offering for sale of products which are still at the prototype stage .... In a year or two the Tempest will probably a good machine that we can buy without fear of ending up in a deadlock as is the case now ...
This is also why I preferred to choose a Spectralis 2 which also suffers from software failures but at least offers a complete rhythm section, powerful and reliable ....