Dave Smith Instruments Tempest

Tempest, Drum Machine from Dave Smith Instruments.


Dave Smith Instruments Tempest : Anonymous 's user review

«  good machine .. forthcoming »

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direct out / midi / pedal in / usb but no audio in.
saturation and compress only the general.
a lot of samples of plants are not many "preset" factory.
4 sequencer steps to 32T have made no measurements to quantify (for now)
no publisher (for now)


the first version of the OS was very limited (no PFL sound backup system so long) it's getting better with updates, but much remains to be done to make something really powerful. USB is not ACRIF, the undo not etc. .. promised many functions that are not there. we must look at this post to be an exhaustive list:
PYM is active on the forum it was he who developed the tempest for DSI. (Rather hefty the guy)
the sequencer is very effective in my opinion. can be programmed on the fly. in the last OS you can user to audition the sounds you want to load and it will be improved in order to be made during playback.
editing and sound management of the machine in general seems to me frankly efficient and well thought through on the screen. qq enough days and a good week to master the entire architecture (the MODPATH allocation of FX etc. ..)


I posted a lot of opinions conernant disappointing sound.
the machine has four generators. 2 analog and 2 digital oscilloscope. the two are used for digital noises and sample library. Excluding the samples are very very present constitution das tempest of sound. Personal m'ntéresse it does not. as an MPC or take samples for kontakt. Especially since we can not import your samples.

I thought that until the developer (pym) make some pure analog sound. He promises to release a preset bank KD SD 100% analog. the first I've heard are really good and can use the functions of the tempest without FX depitch specific sample or loss of transients.

I made some progress let envbisager also is a very good analog machine. for the live performance pad FX are very powerful and provide world completely barred and sometimes much better than the original beat. it's very creative.

the compressor and distortion have no control (except more or less) but work very well. architecture is really about brooms and 5 and the MODPATH can do many things in analog. the only thing to regret is not being able to choose to send the osc to the LP or HP. forcing the two filters are in series. it would have been interesting to have the samples in the HP to avoid loading down the spectrum between analog and samples.

So I changed my mind and I'll use more and more this machine by adding sound personal because those factory does not suit me.
But it is a "risk" for DSI released a box "analog" when all the basic presets are not: S is perhaps why PYM is quite active on the issue and proposed out "rapidly" a bank analog (the minimum is not it?)

Another cool thing is exactly what pym. a particularly good guy in his programing and that is more active on the forum and meet everyone at the same time actively developing for the tempest. he took and discusses every sense of the forumers which is very good.


I never liked you travel with a laptop to make ziq. Once back because an often should redo everything so the vsti and the mixed sound to the headset sounds rotten. but I will go well with the tempest because it is fun to program for both the sequencer for sound.