Voxengo GlissEQ
Voxengo GlissEQ

GlissEQ, Software dynamic EQ from Voxengo.

Rouxxx 11/17/2008

Voxengo GlissEQ : Rouxxx's user review


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Simple and easy installation.
html manual in full.


On a Core2Duo E4600, it takes 1 to 3% max


I use it for over a year
is a dynamic EQ.
I find it useful to make corrections lgres dnaturer without sound, for "aract" frquences some presents too, but also to trace the top of the spectrum on a voice without much trace the sibilants.
as usual from Voxengo is clean, it's not with this plug it will add a grain of any kind has a sound.
was the era, I had to choose between them and the waves renaissance ....
the rebirth plugs are not worth their price, I found the sound of more Voxengo intressant, and of course I would do this choice.
purchased bundled with the Crunchessor.